Everyone’s Birthday 9pax Home Dinner on 28Dec2016

#1 wife's quinoa salad - the best!

#1 wife’s quinoa salad – the best!

4 close friends have their birthdays during these period..

they wanted to do the usual birthday dinners for my wife & i which were a while back. We missed because of travel etc..

so i asked everyone to come over for dinner instead so we could celebrate for all & relish the wonderful memories together, on 28.12.2016! ^^





champagne & food

champagne & food

wife opened a champagne. i think someone brought last time.

great way to start a wonderful evening…

#1 wife's quinoa salad - the best!

#1 wife’s quinoa salad – the best!

wife’s salad gets better all the time!

i like this quinoa salad with blueberries, pomegranate, roasted almond flakes, honey tomatoes, mesclun & rockets even better than our usual pumpkin tofu salad.

#1 wife's quinoa salad - the best!

#1 wife’s quinoa salad – the best!

& such a beauty to behold too! ^^

i made nobu miso cod.

my god-sis, among the 4 together with her hubby with the closest birthdays, loved this dish & mentioned a few times, so made for her tonight. 🙂

very nice, the flavours very well infused.

one of my favourite dishes. i like the slightly oily fish. the flaky meat firmed up by the marinade, and the special sweetness & texture especially near the bones. 🙂

this evening, it was a bit upstaged by the teriyaki salmon.

wife added the dill grown by our helper, a nice touch & very matching for the dish.

i made a mistake actually.

was not familiar with the controls of the new oven & burnt the most precious parts, the skin, so had to lift off most of the burnt skin, what a waste.

anyway it was still such a wonderful tasting dish.

after wife’s salad, i think everyone loved this salmon belly.

belly was slight oily, went very well with the marinade & nicely grilled, so very flavourful.

#4 pan-grilled kurobuta

#4 pan-grilled kurobuta

i did the pan-grilled kurobuta. it’s fatty but very tender & flavourful so quite easily well received by the diners.

#5 roasted vegetables

#5 roasted vegetables

to have more vegetables, i prepared a roasted vegetable dish, something i don’t do often.

it was very easy to do, just cut vegetables, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt & black pepper, & lined with some butter, then for this quantity, 30mins in a 250degC oven.

everything finished, including the whole garlic!

#6 creamy white wine fettuccine

#6 creamy white wine fettuccine

i had 2 experimental dishes this evening.

first the creamy white wine sauce fettuccine. my very first time.

#6 creamy white wine fettuccine

#6 creamy white wine fettuccine

it turned out to be very nice, according to my daughter & wife & guess.

#6 creamy white wine fettuccine

#6 creamy white wine fettuccine

i made the usual browned garlic in olive oil, with fresh basil, added quite intense chicken stock & white wine, a bit of sugar. it was creamy & tasty, fettuccine was nicely al dente.

still, i think i would reduce the sauce further & increase the cream next time.

#7 mock fiduea - baked seafood neehoon

#7 mock fideua – baked seafood beehoon

the baked beehoon dish was intended to proxy the fideua dish.

we had this excellent fiduea dish at foc. it’s a pasta but feels like a very tasty well-infused beehoon.

i couldn’t find any fideua in the shops, so i thought i would proxy with beehoon.

i soaked & cut the beehoon & placed in the dutch oven, then added intense chicken + prawn stock with prawns & squid covering the beehoon, then placed in 250degC oven & baked for 15mins.

it was actually a very tasty dish, & my friends finished all. but it was not quite western or fusion, and if it was a tasty beehoon dish, it did not feel like anything else.

maybe i will still go look for fideua, maybe at phoon huat delicatessen.


nice red wine from charity fundraising event

the last dish is the tagliata, so wife opened a red brought by one friend.

this a bottle they ordered from a charity fundraising event, which they bought a few bootles & maybe bringing over the malacca the following week when 5,6 of them are going.

a very nice quite full body red & quite smooth.

i used a 400day grain fed wagyu MBS 3/4 (1 in thick about 300g+) for the tagliata di manzo.

wife did the plating.

as usual beef was very tender & tasty. for this evening daughter & wife found the wagyu beefy. for me it was ok, the taste that i like.

very sweet strawberries & cherries

very sweet strawberries & cherries

a friend brought very sweet & big strawberries & cherries, very expensive i think, like S$13 for a tray of strawberries??

flor patisierrie millefeuille cake

flor patisierrie millefeuille cake

& we have the usual flor patissierie cake.

this was supposed to be a millefeuille cake. i don’t see any layers though, and as my daughter said looked more like a struddle, lots of nice light cream but not quite layered like millefeuille.

we all had a wonderful, most memorable evening.

c.h.e.f andy

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