Wonderful Evening 2pax Dinner with my close RI Friend @ Mikuni Fairmont on 27Mar2017

UN futomaki & botan ebi sashimi (S$45)

had a really wonderful evening, very enjoyable dinner with my close RI friend at mikuni on 27.3.2017. ^^

my friend had his birthday earlier in the month. he travels frequently, and I was indisposed for 2 weeks, so we arranged for this dinner at mikuni once I was well.

last post I made on mikuni was 2pax dinner with a OPS primary school friend on 31.8.2016.

botan ebi sashimi – S$45

I ordered botan ebi sashimi – S$45.

botan ebi sashimi – S$45

this a truly superb dish for the connoisseur. the tiny sweet prawns or amaebi is like 1/4 of th size of this monster. I love the fresh, gummy texture & very sweet fresh of prawn sashimi, and I guess if you like amaebi sashimi, this like multiply it 4 times.

deepfried prawn heads of botan ebi sashimi

& of course I got the heads deep-fried la!

this was so good. you like can eat everything….

deepfried prawn heads of botan ebi sashimi

my friend said this was so fragrant. he absolutely loved it too! 🙂

UN futomaki = united nations like 9 ingredients – S$26

we ordered the UN futomak. it is in true united nations fashion – like having 9 ingredients. it was a good maki, but I feel that the mikuni maki is still better.

Boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki – S$40

for today, a Tuesday, restaurant was fully booked, only seats at teppanyaki & robatayaki. I asked for robatayaki…we sat at the corner, very private & good space.

I ordered the boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki. this was very good!

sauce for Boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki

we each had a trio of sauces. I tried the mustard & also the ponzu sauce. they were good, and the kurobuta was good on its own too!

wagyu sukiyaki konabe – S$48

and of course I ordered the wagyu sukiyaki konabe – S$48.

wagyu sukiyaki konabe

this is always so good!

now they don’t put kagoshim wagyu on the menu. it tasted exactly the same as before.

really good stuff – 3 pieces of thick cut wagyu beef, so excellent sweet & marbled Japanese wagyu!

lobster uniyaki – S$48

I also ordered thelobster uniyaki – S$48.
lobster was small – maybe 350g to 400g. it was nicely done though, very good taste & nice uni sauce drizzled al over it.
we had a really enjoyable lunch chat, talked about our schoolmates, children etc.
lunch was S$127nett for 2pax after feed at raffles discounts.
c.h.e.f andy


Mikuni @ Fairmont Level 3


80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Hotel 3/L, Raffles City, Singapore 189560


6431 6156

Opening Hours:

Mon-Saturday: 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm (closed sunday)

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