Spending Time with Sis & Brother-in-law on 11Mar2017

braised duck – S$11

a long time friend of my brother & sister passed on. I know the family though not well & not close to them. my brother especially is close to them & he & s-i-l went to the wake everyday to spend time & help out with the bereaved widow. I went the night before past 10pm when my brother & s-i-l went after their other engagement. it was too late for my sis as her home is further away.

so today I went again with my sis & b-i-l.

after the wake i went with sis & b-i-l to see if weiyi laksa @ tanglin halt food centre was opened. it was closed, so we went to  commonwealth crescent food centre nearby. it was past 2pm.

jian kang wanton noodles was closed. many stall were closed.

the 牛车水阿婆卤鸭 Chinatown braised duck stall also closing, but the proprietress served us the remaining last bits of what she had- thigh, gizzard & sis ordered a wing.

braised duck – S$11

duck was very good, tender & tasty as I knew it, meat was not tough or in Teochew “june” like some places.

it was a good serving S$11 good enough for 2 or even 3pax. I did not plan to eat lunch anyway, so I just took a few pieces of duck.

fish curry – S$6

anyhow I went to explore & bought a S$6 fish curry form an outside stall facing away form the carpark & escalator (this commonwealth crescent food centre one of a few hawker centres with escalators.

the curry was pretty ok. there were 2 slices but tiny slices of fish, I think angkoli (sea bream). sis commented so ex. I guess it was not cheap but I could expect this pricing also.

after lunch, sis & b-i-l came to the house & watch television. it was a nice serial 亲爱的翻译官les interpretes which I later watched the entire 42 episodes myself. a very goo china production, excellent story telling, research, acting & dialogue. I like the show very much & the actor & actress 杨幂.

it was nearing dinner time. we were not so satisfied with the fish curry at lunch, so i decided to make my own  delicious fish head curry.

I used leftover fish head & fish bones (leftover from a steam fish dish I am preparing for my RI friends on 13.3.2017..where I filleted the fish kept the head & bones).

mak’s curry paste for fish head curry

and I used the usual mak’s curry paste.

I did not have egg plant & lady fingers, so just used yellow onions, cabbage & 1 tomatoes.

it was done in 15mins. so easy to do, and just whatever I had in the fridge.

& so very delicious. my sis & b-i-l mopped up everything. there was a little less meat I guess but quite enough for the 2 of them la..

c.h.e.f andy

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