Excellent Always 6-course Dinner @ Tunglok Signatures Orchard Parade on 25Mar2017

deep-fried lobster steak with watermelon

went with wife for 2pax dinner at tunglok signatures orchard parade this evening on 25.3.2017. ^^

tunglok has the mysterious practice that amex love dining 50% discounts for 2pax applies only to set menu during weekends & applies only to ala carte during weekdays. don’t make much sense to me, but whatever. we like the set menu anyway, and also the ala carte menu so just follow the rules la!

tunglok signature 6-course fine dining menu

good thing they do vary their set menu a bit.

better thing is that we like most of the variations.

deep-fried lobster steak with watermelon

for this evening, lobster steak became lobster ball. to me it’s the same, a good serving of lobster steak.

meat very fresh & tasty & the batter thin enough & crispy, very good. special sauce was ok, tangy & not so sweet. good.

I think though the previous lobster steak here was better.

tang jia braised sharksfin

the sharksfin very tasty as always.

no need to add vinegar as server advised.

tang jia braised sharksfin

don’t eat sharksfin that much, and when I do I don’t add vinegar anyway, just pepper.

we asked for coriander & added a bit of coriander.

tang jia braised sharksfin

there was a good serving of fins & the soup was very tasty & sweet.

star garoupa fillet

star garoupa 东星斑 supposed to be top quality fish.

this was good enough but oddly not sweet & tasty as we expected.

the green chilli steamed red garoupa  we had here for this same 6-course set on 2.10.2016 was far, far better than this.

star garoupa fillet

in fact the fish fillet felt a bit tough, like “lor kor”…which is odd…these days like never come across “lor kor” fish

pork replacement dish for wife

wife doesn’t take the lamb rack on the course menu, so they replaced with an excellent pork dish.

this maybe pork collar. it was done to perfection, very tender, didn’t feel oil or fatty at all, felt consistent like sous vide.

a really, really good pork dish la! ^^

pork replacement dish for wife

I can’t quite decide if I would prefer this to the lamb rack. both were so good la!

pan-fried rack of lamb with pepper sauce

this pepper lamb was also like perfection.

Chinese lamb usually quite poor, usually gamey & to musk the smell, they pile on sweet sauce, so quite yukky.

pan-fried rack of lamb with pepper sauce

this lamd was superb, very tender, no smell.

also at most zi char, I would never order a pepper steak dish. the pepper sauce always overpowering. here the pepper sauce quite perfect.

braised noodles with abalone mushrooms

the noodles was very tasty & just the right texture. the abalone was a thick slice. the mushroom was a very thick mushroom.

braised noodles with abalone mushrooms

overall an excellent dish!

avocado pulut hitam

dessert were good too.

first time I took the pulut hitam dessert here, with avocado. sounded really rich & heavy, so last time we both changed to the ice jelly.

this time I decided to stick with the pulut hitam.

avocado pulut hitam

very smooth, tasty, not too sweet & quite perfect la!^^

ice jelly with aloe vera

wife had the ice jelly with aloe vera. very good too!

I would say between the 2, I actually prefer the pulut hitam more. haha!

2pax 6-course dinner came to S$125 nett for 2pax after 50% amex love dining discounts. they charged 10% service on the non discounted price. I guess it is quite fair such good food at this price…

I would consider this fine dining & a sumptuous meal & NOT just scrumptious as it was very tasty & well presented & also the ingredients were quality ingredients including lobster, lamb, abalone etc. only “blemish” 败笔was the star garoupa.

c.h.e.f andy


Tunglok Signatures @ Orchard Parad

Address :
Orchard Parade Hotel #02-18
1 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247905

Contact :
Tel : +65 6834 0660
Fax : +65 6834 0550

Opening Hours :

Lunch :11.30am – 3.00pm (Daily)
Dinner :6.00pm -10.30pm (Daily)

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