8pax OPS Primary School Buddies Hong Kong Daipaidong Homecooked Dinner on 7.3.2017

9 hong kong daipadong dishes

while eating & hiking in hong kong during our recent trip 20-24.2.2017,

my friends had been sharing a constant stream of food & place photos with our other OPS primary school friends group whatsapp chat.

so when we were back, i invited them to a 8pax hong kong daipaidong homecooked dinner on 7.3.2017.

9 hong kong daipadong dishes

i did 9 dishes for 8pax-

  1. HK claypot rice 腊味饭
  2. Singapore claypot chicken rice
  3. hand tear chicken手撕鸡
  4. Steamed Minced Pork with Light Soy Sauce 蒸肉饼
  5. steamed pork soft bones
  6. Teochew Light Braised Pork Trotters 鲁猪手
  7. Teochew Light Braised Large & Small Intestines 鲁猪大肠小肠
  8. Teochew Bittergourd Pork Rib Soup 苦瓜排骨汤 
  9. & fried kang kong (this one friend, a good cook, cooked thist for me) while i went to freshen up..^^

singapore claypot chicken rice & hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭

it was a wonderful dinner, great food, close friends, good fun & sharing.

hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭

hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 before adding steamed pork soft bones

i wanted to let my friends try out the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 & also the singapore claypot chicken rice which i do often.

i thought that the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 might be quite plain with just pork & liver sausages, so i steamed some pork soft bones, similar to that served at dimsum restaurants.

i also prepared the simple ubiquitous drizzling sauce (which is used to drizzle steamed rice 一口饭 & fun cheung 粉肠 at dimsum restaurants).

when serving, i asked my friends if they wanted to take the pork soft bones separately. we decided to just add to the claypot rice.

the singapore claypot chicken rice was good as always.

at first, most friends said it was tastier than the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭.

but the duck liver i used which i bought in hong long was really good, and so was the xo pork sausage from sheng shiong.

in due course we all thought that the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 was very “pang” fragrant, thanks to the duck liver sausage; and i think the steamed pork ribs with sauce & the drizzling sauce also contributed significantly to the taste.

the steamed minced pork in light soy sauce was good.

one friend who was with us in hong kong & tried the one at minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室 said it was 80% -90% the standard of the ones we had.

likewise the hand tear chicken手撕鸡 was very good.

it is still not my preferred preparation for chicken. but it is a very good change from usual & very nicely done.

though this not really comparable to minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室.

& we had great tasting teochew light braises at振记粥面店, a cheung chau market stall.

so i did this light braised pork trotters.

it was very good. the skin was gelatinous & the braise was “pang” & tasty.

some parts of the pig skin though, after leaving out for >1hr, tougher just slightly.

the intestines were very good too.

texture was tender, no smell, great “pang” braise flavours.

& for the teochew bittergourd pork rib soup 苦瓜排骨汤, i added the steamed pork soft bones. and additionally i used the intense chicken stock for the soup. so the soup was very tasty.

fried kang kong

the last dish was just a simple garlic fry kang kong.

among our friends we have a very good cook, our travel buddy on the hong kong trip, so he took over from me while i went to freshen up for dinner. basically he cooked this dish la..

9 hong kong daipadong dishes

so we had 9 hong kong daipadong dishes. ^^

emptied/wiped out

we had…but no more… all emptied/wiped out, quite laku la…

friend brought 6 very sweet yellow dragon fruit from ecuador

the 2 friends who travelled with me brought fruits.

one brought 6 yellow dragon fruit (from ecuador)…these were like S$58 for 6.

another friend brought like 10kg of D13 durians

another friend brought like 10kg of D13 durians

the other friend, the good cook, brought D13 durians from sin kian choon at tiong bahru. i think it was like 11kg.

we had a very enjoyable, memorable evening together- F3=food, fun & feel good la! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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