Olive Vegetable Fried Rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 on 8Mar2017

olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭

sis came for lunch & stayed to watch teochew opera on 8.3.2017.

i did some simple dishes for lunch & wife came back to join so we had 3pax lunch.

there were some rice left in the rice cooker from lunch so i told sis i would do a simple fried rice for her to bring back home to eat for dinner.

so i did the olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 with the leftover rice-

  • about 3/4 bowl rice
  • 1 tbsp olive vegetable – 橄榄菜
  • minced pork -maybe about 80g.
  • small diced stem from one brocoli to proxy the kailan stem 芥兰粒
  • 2 eggs

for frying rice, it is quite standard. because there is minced pork, so i started with chopped garlic & minced pork in the wokpan, then added the diced brocoli stems. after that added the rice & last cracked 2 eggs on the side, let it cooked a short while the mixed it into the fried rice. and lastly add the olive vegetable – 橄榄菜.

& that’s done!

pak loh’s olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 – HK$98

we had this <olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 – HK$98>at hong kong’s Pak Loh Chiu Chow restaurant 百樂潮洲酒家 recently.

though the fried rice was a strategic order, as pak loh is very expensive, nevertheless it was a nice & flavourful dish with very good wok hae, quite good i might say for HK$98!

anyhow first time for me using 橄榄菜 to fry rice, and the result as good as pak loh? almost la i think…

the olive vegetable, 橄榄菜 added just the right amount of saltiness & flavour to the fried rice & the small diced brocoli stems the texture. i guess can use the frozen mixed vegetables also for similar effect.

c.h.e.f andy


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