Always Good S$4 Meepok Tar @ Jalan Tua Kong 6th Avenue on 13Apr2017

S$4 meepok tar 13.4.2017

went to giant at grandstand to get something & passed by the 6th ave stall this morning on 13.4.2017.

there was parking so decided to stop by & take the S$4 meepok tar at jalan tua kong stall. ^^

no queue at 10am, so got my noodles shortly.

S$4 meepok tar 13.4.2017

as good as always.

noodles qq, nicely spicy, lots of minced pork, and good combination of ingredients – sliced pork, fish cake, 2 fishballs, prawn etc.

S$4 meepok tar 13.4.2017

simple yet enjoyable bowl of noodles.

shiok & satisfied.

c.h.e.f andy


Jalan Tua Kong Meepok Tar


24 Sixth Ave, Singapore 276481


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