Awesome Lobster @ Burger & Lobster Dean Street on 25Mar2016

£20 lobster

£20 lobster

it’s kind of inevitable that every time we visit london, we would frequent burger & lobster if we can. it is very much a go to place for singaporeans & everyone else. 🙂

i was here 8.5.2016 during my last london visit.

burger & lobster

burger & lobster

we were there before 5pm, and there was already a good crowd. 🙂

burger & lobster

burger & lobster

but no queue, so we got seated immediately.

£20 lobster3

£20 lobster3

it was a simple & great concept. they only sell 3 things here – whole lobster (steamed or grilled), lobster roll, a very nice brioche with lots of lobster meat, and a burger, all priced at £20. never tried the burger.

so it menu is very simple, they only have to source the lobster cheaply & priced them competitively at £20.

£20 lobster3

£20 lobster3

the maine lobster was a standard one and a 1/4 pounder = 680g, basically between 650g and 700g.

it was fresh and tasty, the bearnaise sauce was good, and fries were good too.

the grilled lobster was steamed then grilled. this time we tried a steamed lobster, an we all agreed the steamed lobster was better. 🙂

£20 lobster roll

£20 lobster roll

lobster roll was very good too.

£20 lobster roll

£20 lobster roll

the advantage is you don’t have to shell the lobster, dirty your hands etc, and in any case they have a fair helping if lobster.

we finished about 5.45pm & decided to walk over to monmouth to have a cuppa.

c.h.e.f andy


Burger & Lobster


Opening Hours –

MON-WED: 12PM-10:30PM
SUN: 12PM-  10PM

Reservations –


2 thoughts on “Awesome Lobster @ Burger & Lobster Dean Street on 25Mar2016

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