A Great Family Time & Brunch @ Son’s Condo on 28Mar2021

went over to son’s place for coffee & brunch on sunday 28.3.2021.^^

wife bought croissants from bakery brera next to empress road market.

son made scrambled eggs & johnsonville beddar with cheddar sausages.

must say brera’s plain croissant really nice. I took 2/3 piece.

johnsonville bedder with cheddar is a family favourite, the kids and me, wife a bit too.

& son makes the best scramble eggs. better than any outside I had.

later daughter SL made some more bedder with cheddar.

SM brought mr cay along as well. JH studying for exams.

PT’s dad dropped off her dog pepsi, then went off to meet his friends like 1/2 yearly catch-up.

a great family time together on a sunday.

c.h.e.f andy


Great Kaya Toast Quite Good Kopi @ The Hainan Story Hillion Mall on 26Mar2021

after the 8.7km 2hrs 33min chestnut nature park walk on 26.3.2021.

CL had to go off lunch appointment.

LCH, KWL, me went to hillion and had kopi & kaya toast at the hainan story.

kaya toast was great, reminiscence of older times, thick soft bread and nice kaya with butter.

kopi was ok…LCH bought the set which I think like$5.20.

c.h.e.f andy


The Hainan Story @ Hillion Mall


17 Petir Rd, #01-15/16 Hillion Mall, Singapore 678278



Opening Hours:

daily 7:30am–9:30pm

8.7km 2Hrs 33Mins Early Morning Walk @ Chestnut Nature Park on 26Mar2021

my RI bro WL organised walk at chestnut nature park on 26.3.2021.

meeting early 6.45am at carpark entrance. carpark officially opens 7am but the barrier will lift at 6.45am for vehicle entry to parking.

we did a 2hr 33m 8.7km walk not so many people today, on a weekday friday…

we went up the observation tower..very beautiful morning cloud formation..

we walked to one arm of the upper seletar reservoir…

we were in luck – saw a lesser mousedeer out rummaging…nice morning walk…

c.h.e.f andy

Quite Good Set Lunches @ The Masses on 25Mar2021

J bought 3pax lunch @ the masses on beach road on 25.3.2021.^^

I came after delivering HCA Hospice Care lunch..

just before 12pm thereabout cannot find parking ended up parking at bugus junction & walked..

food was good👍

crab pietee just $3 for 3, good loads of sweet crabmeat..

we took the $29++pax set lunch, which include coffee or tea…

the CCCC crabmeat chorizo caviar confit lemon with lobster sauce looks stunning tasted just good ok

turns out the purple cabbage stood out more..tasted great & equally stunning looks..

I seldom take duck confit, did today & it was better than most..skin crispy and meat was moist and tender and tasty..some I had previously meat was sinewy and old…& quite surprisingly the horfun that came with it wokhae really good

YS’s chicken was good too, quite tender, though there was the end piece he started with which he said tough

for me, J’s claypot angus beef cheek was best of 3..tender & tasty.

chef dylan ong has a great philosophy 众 as 3 人 – himself, his team and customers…let see how the masses develops…

c.h.e.f andy


The Masses


85 Beach Rd, #01-02, Singapore 189694




Opening Hours:


Good Tapao Zichar Dishes from Bee Kia on 23Mar2021

family went to son’s new place wenyu & PT tapao zichar dishes from bee kia on 23.3.2021.^^

good, competent zichar dishes.

prawn paste chicken was good. for me the hk street chun kee harjeongai 虾酱鸡still better. 🙂

seafood horn was very good…wokhae quite excellent, considering tapao…and a lot of ingredients..would be better even if eating at the stall…

beef horfun was good too…beef tender and not overly tenderised, artificial….flavour was good..just too much carbs…

tofu was ok, competent…likewise sambal Kang kong…nothing special really.

had a great family gathering…

today last day of son’s wedding leave..tapao quite good… no clean effort cooking and cleaning..

c.h.e.f andy


Bee Kia


1 Thomson Rd, Singapore 300001



Opening hours: