Really Wonderful Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭 Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lor 1 on 8Aug2017

benson salted duck 盐水鸭 1 whole duck S$32

our RI toa payoh & amk gang organised 5pax lunch today on 8.8.2017. i suggested benson salted duck at tpy lor 1. ^^ well, the largest table in this kim seng coffeeshop can seat 5pax…haha!

benson’s where my OPS friend bought lunch

like me before my first visit, my RI bros have never had spiced duck 盐水鸭 except as a cold appetizer in shanghainese or taiwanese restaurants. i know imperial treasure & shih yeh serve spiced duck 盐水鸭 .

so this was a new & interesting experience for them as it was for me before.

benson salted duck 盐水鸭 1 whole duck S$32

i ordered a whole duck S$32.

the duck was really very good, very sweet & tender, very tasty & 入味. i forgot how good it is!

i will be making this for my friends next week. my own 盐水鸭 spicy duck  is pretty good, as seen in above photo. but will be hard put to produce something as good as benson’s..

i made this as 1 of 12 dishes for 22pax RI friends (who were in the committee that organised the dec2014 reunion dinner) on 9feb2015. 

fishmaw pig innards soup S$8

i ordered a pig innard soup. the stall owner recommended the “large” with fish maw, it was S$8 & chokeful of ingredients.

fishmaw pig innards soup S$8

some pieces felt like pig skin, so maybe it was a mix of fishmaws & pigskin.

a tasty soup & enough for 5pax…

fishmaw pig innards soup S$8

maybe my friend gave me more ingredients, but my own bowl was filled with sliced pork, pig liver, fish maw etc..

鲁肉kong bak & others

i ordered some 鲁肉kong bak, no pig skin today, just added braised egg & tofu & also duck liver & gizzard..

鲁肉kong bak & others

this dish was ordinary…only the duck & the soup stood out as quite exceptional dishes…

chives 青龙菜 with tau gay

they only have chives 青龙菜 with tau gay so i ordered that too.

chives 青龙菜 with tau gay

it’s quite nice really, though yellow chives still sweeter & more tender, but this was quite ok.

total bill for 5pax was S$52. so i figured if duck & soup were S$32+S$8=S$40, and 4 rice were S$2, the the braise & the veg together were S$10, so maybe S$6 for the braise & S$4 for the vegetables.

anyway, such a wonderfully satisfying meal la!

c.h.e.f andy


Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭

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