Quite Excellent Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭 Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lor 1 on 30May2017

benson salted duck 盐水鸭 S$32

my OPS friend arranged for early 5pax lunch at benson salted duck 盐水鸭 on 30.5.2017.

we arrived at 11.30am. he was early at 11am to chope the bigger table.

benson salted duck 盐水鸭

benson salted duck 盐水鸭 is located at kim seng coffeeshop at blk 168, toa payoh lor 1.

my friend ordered 4 dishes. actually they were quite large even for 5pax.

we had whole duck for S$32. that was undeniably the best dish=duck was flavourful, not salty, tender enough with some slight toughness which one friend commented he liked the this kind of texture. me too, like in the case of pork ribs in bakuteh, prefer having the bite than totally fork tender.

a friend had one experience with salted duck 盐水鸭 & only remembered it as salty. he enjoyed it today too.

i enjoyed salted duck 盐水鸭 in shanghai & jiangsu restaurants when i was travelling & also in singapore at (say) imperial treasures & at shin yeh taiwanese restaurant, but very seldom la, rare & far in between..

& in fact i did make my own 盐水鸭 on couple occasion some time back.

my best 盐水鸭 spicy duck was when i did a 12-course buffet dinner for 22pax RI friends on 6.2.2015. i think mine was as good or comparable to what we had for lunch today la… 

it’s basically a poached duck (can be steamed too), and nothing to do with salty at least in my marinade recipe, but uses some mala dry rub, so i called it spiced duck.

pig innard soup with fishmaw

the other dishes were good too.

the pig innard soup came chokeful with ingredients, with lots of fish maw too.

tasty soup, just nice, not too strong flaouring, & good ingredients.

lor items 鲁味

the lor items 鲁味 were ok though not stand outs, competent i guess.

they forgot the pigskin order, so my friend went to get. pig skin also average, not like some places eg ng ah sio where it was really good.

smoked duck

the smoked duck seem an odd dish to serve in this coffeeshop place.

it was ok musked by the sauces. wonder if it was the ntuc type…quite ok dish did not really stand out.

my friend who paid for lunch said it was S$50+ (i guess means closed to S$60), quite good price for 5pax…

c.h.e.f andy


Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭

Opening Hours:

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