Just Average Bakuteh @ Ng Ah Sio on 11Jul2015

ng ah sio rangoon road bakuteh dishes

ng ah sio rangoon road bakuteh dishes

a RI friend organised a yoga session at vyasa yoga at civil service club at tessensohn road on 11.7.2015. 10 of us attended. it was a very enjoyable session of cyclic meditation which they branded as smash your stress.^^

after yoga it was closed to 4pm. 4 of us decided to go ng ah sio at rangoon road nearby to have bakuteh. 🙂

S$8.50 prime ribs

S$8.50 prime ribs

i have not come to this ng ah sio for the longest time, maybe 10 years, but i have been to ng ah sio at chui huay lim a few times & my experience there was good.

the prime ribs were expensive, 2 pieces for S$8.50. soup was good, one friend said ng ah sio always too peppery. i thought so too, but found it quite ok this time. but i am more the rib person than soup person.

S$7 spare ribs

S$7 spare ribs

we ordered 2 bowls prime ribs + 1 bowl spare ribs to share among 4pax.

one friend was especially impressed with the ribs which were fork tender falling off the bones. for me i prefer a firmer texture like i used to enjoy at rong cheng 榕城 in sin min (though i hardly go there now as it is so easy to make my own bakuteh at home).

i guess it is personal preference thingy. 🙂

S$2 pig's skin - lagi good we ordered a second

S$2 pig’s skin – lagi good we ordered a second

everyone loved the pig skin, no fat, all collagen, or so we had ourselves believed.^^



peanuts etc were usual. i don’t normally take extra dishes when i eat bakuteh since i mostly go for the ribs. 🙂

youtiao - soft

youtiao – soft

you char kueh was soft as i expected. usually “lau hong” pre-cut in a bowl.

nai bai奶白

nai bai奶白

nothing much to say about the veg.

mee sua

mee sua

mee sua ok i guess, can replace rice for less carbs. ^^

overall it was just average for me. for S$8.50, i can do my own bakuteh (using 1/2kg fresh indonesian pork ribs from sheng shiong or 1kg of frozen ribs from chinatown market) at home as it is the easiest thing to make.

there are so many good bakuteh places in singapore. for the more recent ones i been to, i still like rong cheng bakuteh best, & song fa bakuteh & also ng ah sio at chui huay lim. last time i went to lao ah tee bakuteh at boon keng i did not like it so much.

c.h.e.f andy

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