Coffee & Waffles @ The Bear & Fish Coffee Bar on 25Jul2017 (RI Bro 10pax Sutera Mall Trip 24-25Jul2017)

nutty latte

this my last entry for our very fun RI bros 10pax sutera mall overnight makan, massage, karaoke trip 24-25Jul2017. ^^

i didn’t actually do the massage as i not hot on massage, but would have done anyway, and will do next time, but for this time i wanted to look see at sutera mall, the shops & makan places…

we had already checked out & deposited our bigger luggage at J Hotel..i had my light backpack with me anyway.

we were catching the 2.40pm bus sw4s for the 45mins journey to second link CIQ, and target to be at sutera mall foyer at 2.30pm to board the bus.

just want coffee

after lunch at Kah Kah Loke 佳佳乐苦瓜汤 we walked round a bit.

we settled for coffee at The Bear & Fish Coffee Bar with the ‘just want coffee’ branding..

greentea & waffle

we tried some wafer…a bit hard & not so flavourful..not quite the standard of daily scoop or udders in singapore.

After coffee & wafer, we walked with our luggage to sutera mall & caught the CW4S bus to second link, then boarded the cw4 on singapore side to jurong east..

c.h.e.f andy


The Bear And fish ( COFFEE BAR)

Opening Hours:

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