Good Indian Dishes 7pax Lunch @ Gayatri on 6Oct2018

indian dishes galore

WT bought 7pax lunch at gayatri race course road today on 6.10.2018. ^^

don’t do indian often these days so looking forward to lunch.

S$27 fish head curry medium

fish head curry was very good.

fish was fresh, sweet, meaty. curry was flavourful.

enjoyed this fish head curry. as i shared with J though, i used to like indian fish curry a lot. these days i prefer the forture thai style fish head curry especially, and also nonya or assam fish head curry.

S$6.50 quail eggs masala

quail egg was ordinary, nothing special or distinctive with the masala.

S$22 prawn masala

likewise the prawn masala nothing special.

actually my own prawn masala & fish masala using house brand pre-made spice sachets were far better (i did an all indian dishes 10pax dinner for my friends on 19.7.2017).

S$8.50 mutton vindaloo

the mutton vindaloo was good.

mutton was tender & flavourful & curry was tasty.

S$21 chicken tandoori

tandoori chicken a dish i don’t particularly favour, though some tandoori chicken can be very flavourful & even a bit moist.

not this one, which was the usual dry & average taste.

S$6 tahu masala small

the tahu was good.

S$6 deepfried gobi (cauliflower) small

& i like the gobi, deep-fried and differently prepared from the north indian aloo gobi. still i like this.

S$4.50 garlic naan

naan was good here.

J and i were sharing that the there were not much curry gravy from the southern indian dishes to eat with the naan, like her experience in london indian restaurant bombay bustle recently…

S$131.50 for 7pax

@ killiney road kopitiam farrer road hospital

indian dishes galore

lunch for 7pax was S$131.50, quite ok.

food was good & more than sufficient & also very good variety.

not a priority but this a restaurant i would come back again sometime.

after lunch we walked over to farrer road hospital for a cuppa. WT ordered also kaya toast for PY to try.

PY is flying off back to tokyo tomorrow. WT bought a bottle of kaya for PY to bring back to japan. haneda quite strict, with sniffing canines but should be ok la…

c.h.e.f andy


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