Good Food Great Deal Some Issues on Customer Service – 6pax OPS Bros Friends Lunch @ Rosso Bianco on 4Oct2018

S$48 chilled angel hair

GY’s close buddy 闺蜜 PY is in town for 2 weeks.

i had them over to my place for homecooked chinese dinner last evening. 

so for today we go italian & I arranged 6pax lunch @ rosso bianco today on 4.10.2018. ^^

WM fetched me & we went in 1 car.

last time i came was exactly 1 month ago with my family, dinner also 6pax on 3.9.2018. ^^

I ordered 3 pasta 3 meat dishes to share..then added a chilled angel hair

complimentary garlic bread

the complimentary garlic bread came with a tasty pesto dip – extra virgin olive oil, basil, baby spinach, pine nuts. very tasty.

S$28.90 truffle foldover pizza

the foldover pizza was quite unique. all my friends liked it.

very tasty dough with rockets, prosciutto, cheese & of course truffle butter.

S$25.80 squidink spaghetti

couple friends were sort of new to squid ink. they all liked the special flavour.

i just returned from a 1+ week family holiday at amalfi coast. singapore has good standard italian food, so i don’t really think that food in italy was better, but pasta there in general more al dente than singapore. taste wise for me singapore just as good. i will do my own pasta & risotto more al dente. i think that way they taste better.

S$26.80 seafood risotto fruiti mare

GY wanted to try risotto. she had pasta before but not risotto.

the seafood tomato sauce was quite tasty. it was a nice risotto though i always prefer pasta.

S$48 chilled angel hair

the filipino lady server earlier suggested their signature S$48 chilled angel hair. i decided to add to our orders.

it came with hotate (scallop) & the usual caviar & truffle.

it was competent, hotate was very sweet & fresh, and truffle & caviar always deliver a very delicious dish. it was not special though as many restaurants serve this & S$48 not cheap though it was a large portion i guess up to 2 times the normal serving, so i guess ok.

S$39 iberico pork rack

the iberico was ok. restaurant said best served well done. i still think for iberico it can be slightly pink.

anyway it was a bit dry & no comparison with the iberico pork rack at foc (here you can see form the photo it was served slightly pink) heaven & earth really!

S$42.80 lamb chop

my friends were unanimous that the S$42.80 lamb chop was best!

3 very meaty lamb chops, with excellent sides of grilled veg & potatoes. very tasty & flavourful * excellent texture.

S$36.80 osobucco

we were all too full for the osobucco.

actually we could do w/o it.

i wanted my friends to try the 3 meats but they did not have the chargrilled ribeye today, and i have not tried the osobucco here so i ordered it.

osobucco is a very tasty dish so this one here was just average, tender enough but not tasty enough.

3mains – lamb chop, iberico pork ribs, osobucco

S$12.80 lava cake

we also ordered a S$12.80 lava cake to share, which everybody enjoyed. good standard. the chocolate was very tasty. 🙂

6pax lunch came yo S$287. I bought & redeemed S$300 chope off peak vouchers at 50% discounts so paid S$150. really good deal.

there was a bit of drama when settling the bill, so i should say a few words on the service & attitude.

The filipino lady server competent & friendly..

The head waiter & other male server were ok until I redeemed the vouchers..we had some problems as my phone was out of battery but i knew that already so whatsapped the QR code & number to my friends..& the redemption terms said either print out or show restaurant the QR code but they couldn’t do it.

but worse they showed unfriendly, unco-operative & rather unhelpful & dismissive attitude like couldn’t be bothered with you..luckily old men also couldn’t be bothered with them so we spent a long time figuring out & they wasted their time waiting..anyhow they reluctantly let me charged my phone & i was able to redeem using my phone.

the point here is if you want to do chope promotions & bring customers to your restaurant, then it is quite counter-productive to be unnice to your customers. it’s like spending the effort, giving deep discounts yet stepping yourself on the foot, very unwise la…

c.h.e.f andy


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