Very Good Italian Dishes 6pax Family Dinner @ Rosso Bianco on 3Sep2018

lobster ravioli S$22.80

daughter arranged dinner at rosso bianco at greenwood on 3.9.2018. ^^

the children have entertainment app & they had wanted to use that but the promotion was over. so we bought instead the off peak 50% off chope vouchers. jolly good! 🙂

red wine S$55

they had wine promotion this month. JH & son selected a S$79 wine now S$55.


restaurant served some bread. nothing special, still good bread with good extra virgin olive oil.

lobster ravioli

daughter ordered lobster & crab ravioli.

i not ravioli person. it was good standard for ravioli but nothing special for me. i prefer the other 2 pasta dishes. 🙂

squidink pasta S$25.80

squidink pasta was good standard, al dente, nice squidink flavour, tasty. i guess not the very best.

squidink pasta 

good serving & ingredients.

seafood linguine S$25.80

seafood linguine very tasty too & good amount of seafood.

fold over pizza

the fold over pizza was unusual & really excellent, great aroma, taste & texture.

i will sure order that again next visit. 🙂

when the server was taking order & describing to us we thought it was a calzona, but it was as described a foldover pizza. lol! 🙂

chargrilled ribeye steak S$39.80

we ordered a few meat to share.

the chargrilled ribeye steak was good tender meat, though not served tagliata as stated in the menu.

lamb rack S$42.90

lamb rack was likewise a very nice dish.

like the steak it had the grid chequered look but not really fully charred. i thought charring it would make it taste a lot better.

iberico pork rack S$39

the iberico pork rack looked anemic not well charred & dry but actually it was quite tatsy & tender.

lava cake S$12.80

lava cake S$12.80

lava cake also very good standrad…the dark chocolate flavourful & lots of lava, perfect texture.

iberico pork rack S$39

so for dinner we had-

  • 3 pasta
  • 1 pizza
  • 3 meat
  • 1 lava cake
  • 1 wine

dinner was S$321 for 6pax. we had S$300 chope voucher which we paid S$150. so total was S$171nett for 6pax include $55 wine the best deal la 👍👍👍

really great dinner with family.

c.h.e.f andy


Rosso Bianco


2 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore (289189)

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday from 11am-11pm
All day dining

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