Ah Hengs Curry Chicken Noodles and J Homemade Prawn Noodles on 1Oct2018

curry chicken noodles with WM

just returned last evening from a very fun & memorable family holiday at amalfi coast (22-29.9.2018). ^^

thought of having curry chicken noodles at ah heng at hong lim, so messaged bros LKY & WM. WM first to respond so we arranged to meet 10.45am at ah heng on 1.10.2018.^^

some days i do have cravings i would drive myself to ah heng on my own…today didn’t really have cravings to that extent…since WM was available we just meet & eat la.. lol! ^^

S$6.50 curry chicken noodles

i reached a bit late 10.55am. there were like 5pax in the queue before me so just 10mins wait.

i ordered my usual large S$6.50 thich beehoon mee & chicken thigh 鸡尾

S$6.50 curry chicken noodles

so shiok!

today the gravy was par excellence! there were couple times i came early 1030-11am ish & felt the gravy was less intense than normal.

today it was perfect! a thoroughly satisfying bowl of delectable goodness…i can have this again!

queue at ah heng curry chicken noodles 11.30am

when we left about 11.30am ish, queue was like12-15pax, the normal at this time.

J prawn noodles with pork ribs

GY’s close buddy 闺蜜 PY is in town for 2 weeks.

WM & J arranged to have prawn noodles at their place on 1.10.2018. ^^


we had some nice starters=cherry tomatoes with dried orange skin, the finest jamón ibérico de bellota (acorn) with very sweet melon, and centry egg on tofu. 🙂

cherry tomatoes with dried orange skin

dried orange peel added a new tangy sweet dimension. 🙂

bellota (acorn) ham with very sweet melon

WM served jamón ibérico de bellota (acorn) bought during his recent trip to rome, florence, venice. and the melon was super sweet.

this better than any parma ham dishes in the restaurants outside la…

century egg on tofu

& some chopped century eggs with scallions on tofu.

J prawn pork ribs noodles

J prawn noodles one of the best. the last time i had 2 large bowls on 20.1.2018. ^^

today the beehoon mee was overdone a notch, and the soup was kind of less intense. maybe would be better if soup was reduced a bit to make it more intense.

Jessie prawn pork ribs noodles

a tasty soup nevertheless & nice ingredients – prawns, sliced pork, frieced shallots & larpork (crispy lard)…all good!

I’s ngoh hiang

HC’s iwfe I who was able able to join made some very nice ngoh hiang.

WT’s sweet pineapple and WM’s cut fruits

WM had cut fruits & WT brought very sweet cut pineapples from SKC.

after dinner WM J GY & PF played shanghai majong…WT HC & I watched TV. i was getting sleepy from jetlag so i left early about 930pm.

J tapao 3pax portion of prawn noodles for my wife & family. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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