Economic Kind of Average Food @ Teochew Cusisine Restaurant on 2Oct2018

6pax lunch with WT GY WM HC & PF

HC bought 6pax lunch at teochew cuisine restaurant at toa payoh lor 8 arranged by WT today on 2.10.2018. ^^

6pax lunch with WT GY WM HC & PF 

i ordered 6 dimsum dishes 9 plates & WT ordered the cooked dishes. 🙂

har gao

dimsum here substantially cheaper than most places at S$3.60.

standard quite below par. i would not order dimsum here.

har gao was mediocre variety, skin gluey & prawns not the very fresh & tasty ones.

xiaolongbao 小笼包

xiaolongbao 小笼包 quite poor, soup & meat not very sweet & tasty.

chives dumpling 

chives dumpling ok i guess, basically so so.

char siew cheong fun 

cheong fun very remote from hong kong standard of very smooth cheong fun with tasty sauce.

steamed chicken feet

steamed chicken feet was quite mediocre for me.  i felt it was not the very tasty ones i took at other restaurants. my friends liked it though.

steamed pork ribs

steamed pork ribs only dish that was good for me taste wise.

but more bones. some other places gave more meaty pork ribs…

S$25 mixed braised plate 卤味拼盘

the S$25 mixed braised plate 卤味拼盘 was quite good standard.

the lor 卤 was flavourful & the big intestines, belly pork & pig stomach texture were good.

duck texture were good too maybe a little gamey.

anyway i liked this dish.

there was a dead bee stuck to the duck slices when we removed the coriander. anyway the restaurant replaced with a new platter after we informed them.

the service overall quite good & friendly (the young guy from ipoh took good photos for us too).

S$12 pig trotters jelly

the pig trotters jelly looked ok but was for me below par, basically like those we bought at chinatown 30yrs back that were mostly jelly which melt away.

this means there was not enough gelatine so the jelly tasted of more soy sauce than flavourful gelatine.

my own pig skin jelly was much better much tastier. anyway according to my own preference la.

S$12 oyster omelette

the oyster omelette was really a large serving with lots of oysters for S$12.

i think though oysters were frozen ones, not fresh & plump, and the overall dish was average not great.

but then a place like bee hiang can serve you about the same standard oyster omelette (crispy style) at double the cost.

so i guess this was ok if we not too picky.

S$22 duck web with scallops

the S$22 duck web with scallops & nai bai a very good dish, tasty & quite good value.

gravy was great, and the duck webs & nai bai vegetabkes quite good too. & so the scallops.

S$8 fried kailan

the S$8 fried kailan also very good dish. good standard, in fact better than some places that charged double like S$16.

S$25 mixed braised plate 卤味拼盘

for me, the duck web dish was the best & the mixed braise platter was pretty good.

the price for 6pax including 9 plates of dimsum & 5 dishes was S$122.

i think if order the right dishes, it’s quite ok place to some, so i may bring my sis & bil here, and maybe sanlanjie…maybe try their fish head steamboat…see how..

c.h.e.f andy


Teochew Cuisine Restaurant


212 Lor 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310212

Opening Hours:



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