J’s Prawn Noodles the Best! I Took 2 Large Bowls on 20Jan2018

J’s prawn bakut noodles

WM’s wife, J’s prawn noodles the best la!

the last time we had J’s prawn bakut noodles was 1.5yrs back, on 15.7.2016.

all we OPS folks have been pining for this..today 11pax OPS descended on WM’s home to savour the prawn noodles on 20.1.2018. ^^

i ate 2 big bowls, beehoon mee…

there were lots of crispy lard (lar pok), bean sprouts, shallots, chilli padi.. we helped ourselves…

J’s prawn bakut noodles

 i think the noodles – soup, prawns, noodles etc were as good as the last time, which was super good, so low carbs me finished 2 large bowls including all the noodles..

my bakut this time was not as tender as the last, otherwise everything was perfect..i think this prawn noodles as good as any outside, didn’t have the chilli paste & dry version, but this soup one was really good!

well, got to pine some more & look forward to next time…

c.h.e.f andy


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