Slovenia here We Come 3pax Family Hiking Trip with Wife & Son 15-21Sep2018

lie tong still the best

wife did all the trip planning and booking of flights & hotel/airbnb. i picked the avis rental car which son would be driving & read up a bit to be in the know.

& we were all ready for our hiking adventure. the turkish airline flight to ljubljana had a 1hrs 50mins layover at istanbul airport. changi departure was and arrival at ljubljana was .


food quality at asia treasure had been deteriorating. for our recent trip to croatia in apr2018, the food at asia treasure T3 was pathetic even c/w SATS lounge opoosite.

this time our turkish airline gate at T1 was nearer to T2 so we took the shuttle to asia treasure T2 lounge.

the only consistent good dish at asia treasure is the lie tong (top photo). it was very good, very sweet & tasty.

fried carrot cake & fried rice

fried carrot cake & fried rice

fried carrot cake & fried rice passable & quite nice with the xo haebeehiam chilli.

fish fillet porridge

fish fillet congee

fish fillet (dory fish?) congee quite ok really, above average.

atas biscuits

the waiting staff at asia treasure T2 served us a large serving of atas biscuits. we kept all for the trip.

economy food

economy food

economy class food on turkish airline nothing to speak about.

actually i though for my recent crotia trip they were much tastier.

economy food

the fish was pretty ok & the zucchini quite good.

salad & side dish

salad with cheese ok, side dish passable.

turkish airline biz class stewardess in chef uniform

they had biz class stewardess in chef uniform.

a few “creative” touches, like the safety video was a lego animation etc.

istanbul airport mall

istanbul airport mall

the transit mall at istanbul was huge. the airport is sprawling & took long time to walk from one side to the other.

we did some shopping. wife bought chocolates & also 2 bottles of red wine.

we decided not to go priority lounge.

damaged luggage

damaged luggage

we found one of our nice luggage completely broken on arrival at ljubljana.

there was no queue & we could easily lodged at report at the counter next to the luggage belts.

guy was fluent in english, efficient & helpful, so filing report for insurance claim later was quite a breeze, no hassle.

quite new skoda octavia 5000km

we booked a mercedes B180 for 6days for €242. avis website said or equivalent, and i checked avis ljubljana they did not have a mercedes B180 in their car inventory.

we got the skoda octavia “equivalent” instead! lol! ^^

car was relatively new 5000km (assuming it was correct). the suspension sounded like car was falling apart though. 🙂

anyway i checked B180 length <4.4m & octavia length 4.68m so maybe octavia was good for us. 🙂

we expected to pay a lot more for excess waiver. it was €20/day for additional €120 making the 6 days rental fully covered €362..quite ok atcually c/w what we paid in croatia.

got a free garmin GPS

also the guy threw in a free garmin GPS & a second driver, and those 2 could add up to like €15/day so not too bad la…

highway pass decal

got decal highway pass (we asked to confirm). seems that some rental don’t provide that, and you may get fined €50 if you didn’t know it was required.

good roads not difficult to drive even on the wrong side

and we were on the way, to lake bled.

like several reviewers said, the roads were good & not difficult for my son to drive, albeit on the wrong side…hahaha!

our avis rental car = skoda octavia

our avis rental car = skoda octavia

we arrived at our hotel grand hotel toplice at lake bled about 10am, nice weather & great sunshine awaiting us.

c.h.e.f andy

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