Good Chirashi Not so Good Don @ En Sakaba on 22Jul2017

chirashi don S$28 

this place was discovered by daughter. she shared the chirashi don photo in the family whatsapp.

wife & i decided to drop by en sakaba at orchard central mall for dinner on 22.7.2017.

en sakaba @ orchard central 

i reserved a table for 2pax at 7.30pm. the other tables were filled when we arrived.

en sakaba @ orchard central 

service was kind of haphazard.

we waited long time for the menu. nobody came to the table.

i picked up 2 menus myself, and had to signal like 4 times, even though each time it was acknowkedged, the 3 servers managed to find other things to do & took a while to come just to take orders.

beef tataki S$13

beef tataki S$13 

we ordered the beef tataki…it was good! 🙂

sweet & tasty, with a touch of ponzu sauce…very nice beef tataki..

kaki furai – deepfried oysters 

we tried the kaki furai – deepfried oysters…it was ok, competent i guess, nothing special, can skip this.

chirashi don S$28 

we ordered a chirashi don each. quite good for S$28.

of course it did not have toro or uni (just a real tiny, tiny piece)…

the anago (conger eel) was good. there was no hotate only the cooked ones, no comparison with hotate sashimi. unagi was good, the others like maguro, salmon, tai etc average..negi toro ok though wife said it could be just maguro…

there was no botan ebi, but the aka ebi was almost as good, couldn’t really tell much difference, certainly better than small amaebi at other places.

chirashi don S$28 

not sure about the crab claw, no much meaning la…

the pink rice was supposed to be a special thingy…but it was NOT good..the next time i would ask for normal sushi rice.

don’t mind this place.

c.h.e.f andy


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