6pax Early Family Birthday Day for Daughter @ Tapas Club on 23Jul2017

meat & cheese charcuterie 

had 6pax early family birthday dinner for daughter at tapas club at level 2 orchard central this evening on 23.7.2017. ^^

we had done tapas at foc (good!) several times, and foc’s sister restaurant pimpam (of which i am unimpressed). we were game to try another new place ya..

the charcuterie was low quality, not good cuts of prosciutto, salami & chorizo & cheese was also cheap stuff.

tapas club @ orchard central level 2 

restaurant was quite well taken up so quite popular place for diners on a sunday night.

tapas club men

tapas club men 

the photo menu were quite helpful, easy to make orders.

ham croquette 

we had ham croquette, for me a far cry from the excellent intense flavourful ham & also mushroom croquettes at foc.

spanish omelette 

the spanish omelette or tortilla was excellent. daughter said better than my own..haha!

squid ink paella 

squid ink paella had not much squid ink flavours too dilute & indistinct…overall taste was ok, just not the flavourful squid ink.

there were cut pieces of squid. clams were ok.

fpr me a very mediocre paella. i think i do better squid ink sometimes, though not always.

seafood paella 

the seafood paella was quite good..

though for me foc’s paella & fiduea were just so much better.

iberico pork shoulder 

the pork shoulder were ok but not too great.

again, foc’s iberico pork ribs was so good this was like just an average passable do.

lamb ribs

lamb ribs were good.

my son & daughter liked this though. it was too strong gamey taste for wife. i knew when i tasted it. but it was good lamb. but foc’s lamb rack was for me, miles better.

beef steak 

beef steak was ok. it’s not expensive cut so just an average steak tagliata but done quite well.

crackling suckling pig 

the suckling pig had good crackling skin & overall good taste.

for these i think western suckling pig are double the price of chinese ones & not even 1/2 as good.

it was overall a good dinner for daughter & all of us, spending time together & enjoying a great meal that was not too costly.

if i not compaing with foc, this was ok for me. c/w foc this would not be my preferred dining location.

c.h.e.f andy


Tapas Club @ Orchard Central


Opening Hours:

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