Good Selera Rasa Adam Road nasi lemak S$5.40 on 11Jul2017

selara rasa adam road nasi lemak S$5.40  

bought 4 packets nasi lemak $5.40 each from adam road selera rasa – 2 royal flush (include otah) & 2 chicken meal with fish (same price S$5.40)

selara rasa adam road nasi lemak S$5.40 

it’s nice la but quite ex lor.

rice & chilli especially always nice, and they are quite generous with the sambal chilli.

chicken wing was nice too, and i always like ikan kuning.

c.h.e.f andy

Mediocre Ming Fa (Chinatown) Bakchormee on 10Jul2017

ming fa (chinatown) bakchormee 

Sent daughter to work so decided to drop by Chinatown market..

..knew wet market likely closed but since already here just dropped by anyway..

ming fa (chinatown) bakchormee 

had $3.50 bakchomee at ming fa, the stall next to the chwee kueh..looked ok but tasted very mediocre…

ming fa (chinatown) bakchormee 

so far, the only ming fa outlet i had good experience was ming fa (thomson) & that was like 3 years ago on 4.5.2014! 

the one at hollandv was downright poor! that also 3 years ago on 17.6.2014!! 

basically, noodles were ok, can be more QQ..chilli was not great, really mediocre, overall taste was lacking, not really a stall i would return too.

c.h.e.f andy


Ming Fa Fishball明发鱼圆


#02-102 Chinatown Complex, 335 Smith Street, 050335

Nonya Steamed Seabream (Angkorli) Head with Gimson Nonya Sauce on 9Jul2017

nonya steamed seabream (angkorli) head 

having inner alone this evening…

had leftover angkorli fish head in the freezer after i used the fillet for teban gardens friday breakfast on 21.4.2017. 

for today i used the larger of 1/2 fish head, still got a smaller 1/2 in the freezer. 😀

gimson nonya sauce 

i used the awesome gimson sauce my 2 friends & also my sis bought for me in JB. it is NOT available in singapore. why leh??

nonya steamed seabream (angkorli) head

so easy to make – just add 1.5 to 2 tbsp top quality light soy sauce, 2 tbsp olive oil & 2 tbsp mirin & a dollop (1 heap tbsp) of gimson sauce. & steam for 13mins in the steam oven (or over the hob).

just returned to singapore on 7.7.2017 morning after month-long travels. did not do marketing so no spring onions, ginger, chilli or chilli padi garnishes.

nonya steamed seabream (angkorli) – very tender sweet flesh 

So fresh & sweet & super gimson nonya sauce..

and such distinct nonya flavours…so shiok!!!

nonya steamed seabream (angkorli) head 

For me tonight, this clearcut better than the forture’s thai style fish head 2 evenings ago….

not always other times i had really nice thai style fish head at forture also…

c.h.e.f andy

S$3 Char Kuay Teow + S$1 Cockles @ Cheng Ji Adam Road on 8Jul2017

char kuay teow

wife & i went to adam road hawker centre after attending daughter’s graduation ceremony at NUS Cultural Centre on 8.7.2017

we had not had dinner. though there was some buffet laid out, food was basically emptied out after we took photos of daughter’s graduating class.

seng kee adam road char kuay teow

our usual char kuay teow stall at adam road was closed.

so we ordered a $3 char kuay teow + S$1 cockles at cheng ji, and also the adam road noo cheng S$5 prawn noodles to share.

char kuay teow

char kuay teow was average, not as good as our usual stall.

char kuay teow

passable, but somehow not as tasty.

c.h.e.f andy


成记 Cheng Ji


#01-24 Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road, 289876

Daughter’s NUS Graduation Ceremony on 8Jul2017

flower arrangement wife made 

today’s my youngest daughter’s graduation ceremony on 8.7.2017. ^^

it was scheduled for 8pm.

wife made a beautiful bouquet, using pink roses & baby ‘s breath (apparently carnation family?). i think better than many you can buy outside.

looked easy when she made it. it’s like her first time, trial & error, but i must say came out really nicely, the results! clap! clap!

daughter’s NUS graduation 

i wear the light grey suit i bought for £99 at TKMax near covent gardens, with a £9 tax refund. this a place my son pulled me along & helped me buy & it came out very well & i wore it to his graduation ceremony 4 days back.

after dropping my wife at the entrance lobby, i was directed to carpark 3. however after entering carpark there was an attendant who asked for some yellow & other colour labels which i didn’t have. anyway the suit must have worked, so he let me passed & parked, and i walked to the atrium hall, met with daughter & wife, took some photos, then proceeded to the auditorium.

& we were seated on the front ie first row! quite fine with me, no questions asked. haha! my dental surgeon who did my implant, was seated directly behind me….

daughter’s NUS graduation 

good for my phototaking…

daughter’s NUS graduation

after the 2 hr seating, we met daughter at the entrance atrium & the graduating class took some photos together.

c.h.e.f andy

OK Dinner Still Good Thai Style Fish head @ Forture Restaurant on 7Jul2017

thai style fish head – S$28 

wife & i arrived at changi airport via SQ this morning 7.30am, after a month-long absence traveling in scotland & iceland ourselves & with family.

i had wanted to blog our travels first to follow the timeline, including my earlier trip with 2 RI bro to wales, but that task have proved impossible, so i decided to blog what i did since returning before organising the material for the travelogues.

thai style fish head – S$28 

my daughter had earlier returned to singapore & started work, having graduated this year.

she was really tired. wife & i picked her up from newton MRT, and we decided to go to forture restaurant, a popular zi char place for dinner.

thai style fish head – S$28 

this our regular haunt or one of the default places, so we ordered the usual thai style fish head which is really good.

today it was still good, but somehow kind of below my expectation. the gravy was somehow less tasty, less flavourful, not sure why, fish was still fresh…

price is S$28, a far cry from the times past when our family came for S$15 fish head & really not so long ago it was still S$25…like 6months ago on 17.1.2017!!!! 

this like taxi meter, keep jumping leh?…

hotplate tofu – S$10  

daughter liked the teppan tofu…

i seldom ordered this…


hotplate tofu – S$10 

just so so for me… the sauce was very thick type, quite satiating kind for me..not my favourite

hor fun – S$3 

hor fun small, still just S$3, was good…it’s better at times but this evening’s was pretty good…quite good wok hae..

3pax dinner was about S$43…not cheap but i guess this the going rate these days.

c.h.e.f andy


Forture Seafood