Quite Poor Ming Fa (明发) Bakchormee @ HollandV Food Centre on 17Jun2014

ming fa (明发) bakchormee

ming fa (明发) bakchormee

did some errands at hollandv. walking through the food centre & thought the bakchormee stall looked different. i had a good bakchormee at a commonwealth crescent fai zai eatery bakchormee here on 24.9.2013. now the stall is called ming fa (明发). i guess ming fa (明发) has acquired & franchised the stall. it used to be a middle-aged man hawking, now there were 2 women.

i tried ming fa (明发) at upper thomson road couple times recently & it was 1 of the best. the branding was the same so i decided to give it a go.

ming fa (明发) bakchormee

ming fa (明发) bakchormee

ming fa (明发) bakchormee

ming fa (明发) bakchormee

must say this was really quite poor. the meepok noodles were slightly soggy not enough qq (al dente), ingredients were less. taste was just passable but not great. the previous stall commonwealth crescent fai zai eatery bakchormee was a lot better than this, though the ming fa (明发) at upper thomson was far better. but this ming fa (明发) at hollandv is quite poor indeed!

i am not sure this thus the brand any good at all!

c.h.e.f andy


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