Mediocre Ming Fa (Chinatown) Bakchormee on 10Jul2017

ming fa (chinatown) bakchormee 

Sent daughter to work so decided to drop by Chinatown market..

..knew wet market likely closed but since already here just dropped by anyway..

ming fa (chinatown) bakchormee 

had $3.50 bakchomee at ming fa, the stall next to the chwee kueh..looked ok but tasted very mediocre…

ming fa (chinatown) bakchormee 

so far, the only ming fa outlet i had good experience was ming fa (thomson) & that was like 3 years ago on 4.5.2014! 

the one at hollandv was downright poor! that also 3 years ago on 17.6.2014!! 

basically, noodles were ok, can be more QQ..chilli was not great, really mediocre, overall taste was lacking, not really a stall i would return too.

c.h.e.f andy


Ming Fa Fishball明发鱼圆


#02-102 Chinatown Complex, 335 Smith Street, 050335

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