OPS Singapore Food Tour Tea @ Chateraise Ion Orchard on 19Jul2017

chateraise cakes 

after tangs market sungei road laksa & cendol,  we decided to go daiso to buy some stuff since our car was parked at ion orchard on 19.7.2017. ^^

chateraise cakes 

having done with daiso, we passed by chateraise cake shop. this a japan patisserie with what looked like nice japanese cream cakes.

i selected 5 different cakes – the best-seller legendary cream cake, its legendary chocolate equivalent, crispy chocolate cake, fruit bar cake & millecrepe.

best seller legendary fresh cream cake 

the legendary cream cake is their best seller, and it was very nice indeed. very light & wonderful cake.

legendary chocolate cake 

& so was the legendary chocolate cake.

the crispy chocolate cake was just as nice.

fruit bar cake 

& the fruit bar cake too…

green tea millecrepe

green tea millecrepe 

only cake not great was the green tea millecrepe.

somehow this didn’t taste right. lady M’s green tea millecrepe is a lot better.

chateraise cakes 

& the cakes were like S$4.70 etc…i had 5 cakes about S$24.

would have cost a lot more at flor or yamashita…& the cakes look better than yamashita.. 

don’t mind this cake shop…if i am in ion i would buy again.

c.h.e.f andy


OPS Singapore Food Tour Tea @ Tangs Market Sungei Road Laksa, & Cendol Stall on 19Jul2017

tangs mart sungei road laksa S$3.50

after guo hua’s hina street fritters at maxwell market, we drove over & parked at ion orchard  & walked over to tangs market on 19.7.2017 for tea…lol! ^^

tangs market sungei road laksa

we had sungei road laksa (good) & cendol (ordinary)…

tangs market sungei road laksa

the laksa gravy…

tangs market sungei road laksa

& fish cakes…

tangs mart sungei road laksa S$3.50

last time i went to sungei road laksa at jln berseh on 1.12.2016, laksa was $3 & i added $1 cockles.

here it was S$3.50. my friend who bought the 3 bowls of laksa asked for no cockles.

tangs mart sungei road laksa S$3.50

the laksa gravy was tasty ok, but..

for me, laksa is not laksa without cockles…

then, just looking at my photos then & now, the gravy looked different actually. this one here kind of yellow like many katong laksa. maybe it was the chili, but then i went to get more chili & added in.

basically i think nowhere near the yummy shiokness of “real” sungei road laksa la..at jln berseh…

still i guess it was a rather good bowl of laksa..

tangs market cendol stall

we also bought the cendol..


while it had the kidney beans, which was better than red beans, it was no different from any average cendol stall at hawker centres, basically cendol that i would not take. no strong coconut milk taste, no strong gula melaka taste…

in fact i only started to take cendol again after taking the intense flavourful cendol at four seasons at toa payoh lor 8. that one real nice, never tired of it!

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours
daily 10:30-22:00

OPS Singapore Food Tour 2nd Lunch @ China Street Fritters Maxwell Market on 19Jul2017

nogh hiang S$6.10

after 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji, we went in one car for our 2nd lunch at china street fritters at maxwell market on 19.7.2017. ^^

china street fritters

china street fritter proprietor, guo hua, is my OPS friend’s secondary schoolmate, so he frequent this stall often. 🙂

nogh hiang S$6.10

i think he charged us like S$6.10 for 6-7items, on the low side.

the items/selection was a bit limited.

the ngoh hiang were a tad drier. guo hua said that he made everything himself. so not like the central supplies with fat ngoh hiang…hmmm…actually i preferred the fat nogh hiang..

he has regular customers who ordered the food without having to park & he would just packet for them & bring to their car (the stall is near the road)…

nogh hiang S$6.10

beehoon was soft, al dente, i guess quite standard for such stalls.

what stood out for me at this stall was the brown sauce. usually ngoh hiang comes with a gluey pink sauce which i don’t like. here the sauce was dark brown & tasty. i finished all the sauce. lol! ^^

the nogh hiang was pretty ok & not pricey.

fish soup

we were seated in front of this fish stall. it just happens that the stall holder was an army mate of our same OPS buddy, so he went to chat with him. such co-incidence.

guo hua said this stall fish soup very good, and during lunch hour, the queue is very long. he said many new stall holders bidded high for the stalls, but found it difficult to offer the same. so some packed up after a few months…that’s just the story of a market centre stall, isn’t it?

c.h.e.f andy


China Street Fritters


1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

OPS Singapore Food Tour 1st Lunch @ 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling on 19Jul2017

panfried dumplings 生煎包 S$5.50

my OPS bros decided to do a JB makan trip of sorts in singapore😜😎 on 19.7.2017. ^^

we started our food tour with our first lunch at 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji at jalan besar.

first food tour lunch @ Xiang Yuan Ji

Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling

the first & only time i came here was on 1.12.2016, very good panfried dumplings 生煎包 indeed. 

then, we overheard the next table of chinese diners said “比上海还道地”more authentic than in shanghai. ^^

panfried dumplings 生煎包 S$5.50

the panfried dumplings 生煎包 here is the best i had.

very nice especially steaming hot – lots of tasty soup, thin skin, crispy at bottom & nice flavour, tasty & smooth minced pork inside

烤麸steamed gluten S$4.50

烤麸steamed gluten was good too, a little sweeter than what my versatile OPS friend made himself for our OPS new year gathering on CNY Day 7 – 3.2.2017, overall nice dish! 🙂

beef terrine 酱牛肉 S$5

my OPS friend liked the beef terrine 酱牛肉 best.

this dish so so for me, never my favourite. i prefer the teochew ter kar tan猪脚冻.

savoury beancurd S$4.50

the savoury beancurd was very good, very tasty & nicely flavoured with 芹菜???

pork cutlet S$6.50

pork cutlet was good too, and the sauce, little bit of it, was pretty good.

pork cutlet S$6.50

crispy outside, not old, and still tender inside…

4pax lunch = S$36.70

this first lunch was just S$36.70..

c.h.e.f andy


Hai Long bought 3pax Frogleg Porridge Lunch @ G7 Sinma Bukit Timah on 18Jul2017

g7 sin ma 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29

my chinese LED light supplier friend bought 3pax lunch at G7 sinma claypot live seafood at 5 cheong chin nam road today. ^^

we ordered 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29, one mild & one normal spicy. 🙂

my OPS buddy bought frogleg porridge (my first time here) on 11.3.2016. after that i came couple times, always good.

g7 sin ma 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29

likewise today, very good lunch.

frogs were fresh & tender & very substantial serving of 7 frogs in 2 pots. sauce was tasty & not too sweet & porridge also tasty, went very well with the sauce.

both the mild & normal spicy were good.

i had very spicy ones with my wife here once. that was NO GOOD!

my 2 friends first time here thoroughly enjoyed it!

my friend ordered a fried baby kailan maybe like S$8.

very nice lunch chat with my 2 friends.

c.h.e.f andy



G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge (Cheong Chin Nam Rd)


AT , 599730


+65 64677317
12PM – 2.30AM