Hai Long bought 3pax Frogleg Porridge Lunch @ G7 Sinma Bukit Timah on 18Jul2017

g7 sin ma 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29

my chinese LED light supplier friend bought 3pax lunch at G7 sinma claypot live seafood at 5 cheong chin nam road today. ^^

we ordered 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29, one mild & one normal spicy. 🙂

my OPS buddy bought frogleg porridge (my first time here) on 11.3.2016. after that i came couple times, always good.

g7 sin ma 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29

likewise today, very good lunch.

frogs were fresh & tender & very substantial serving of 7 frogs in 2 pots. sauce was tasty & not too sweet & porridge also tasty, went very well with the sauce.

both the mild & normal spicy were good.

i had very spicy ones with my wife here once. that was NO GOOD!

my 2 friends first time here thoroughly enjoyed it!

my friend ordered a fried baby kailan maybe like S$8.

very nice lunch chat with my 2 friends.

c.h.e.f andy



G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge (Cheong Chin Nam Rd)


AT , 599730


+65 64677317
12PM – 2.30AM

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