OPS Singapore Food Tour 1st Lunch @ 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling on 19Jul2017

panfried dumplings 生煎包 S$5.50

my OPS bros decided to do a JB makan trip of sorts in singapore😜😎 on 19.7.2017. ^^

we started our food tour with our first lunch at 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji at jalan besar.

first food tour lunch @ Xiang Yuan Ji

Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling

the first & only time i came here was on 1.12.2016, very good panfried dumplings 生煎包 indeed. 

then, we overheard the next table of chinese diners said “比上海还道地”more authentic than in shanghai. ^^

panfried dumplings 生煎包 S$5.50

the panfried dumplings 生煎包 here is the best i had.

very nice especially steaming hot – lots of tasty soup, thin skin, crispy at bottom & nice flavour, tasty & smooth minced pork inside

烤麸steamed gluten S$4.50

烤麸steamed gluten was good too, a little sweeter than what my versatile OPS friend made himself for our OPS new year gathering on CNY Day 7 – 3.2.2017, overall nice dish! 🙂

beef terrine 酱牛肉 S$5

my OPS friend liked the beef terrine 酱牛肉 best.

this dish so so for me, never my favourite. i prefer the teochew ter kar tan猪脚冻.

savoury beancurd S$4.50

the savoury beancurd was very good, very tasty & nicely flavoured with 芹菜???

pork cutlet S$6.50

pork cutlet was good too, and the sauce, little bit of it, was pretty good.

pork cutlet S$6.50

crispy outside, not old, and still tender inside…

4pax lunch = S$36.70

this first lunch was just S$36.70..

c.h.e.f andy



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