Great 3pax Lunch @ 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji on 1 Dec2016


生煎包 S$5

my OPS primary school buddy bought lunch at 祥源记xiang yuan ji 405 jln besar on 1.12.2016.^^

祥源记xiang yuan ji

祥源记xiang yuan ji

祥源记xiang yuan ji

祥源记xiang yuan ji 

we were there at 1pm.

we heard a chinese customer at the next table saying the food here more 道地authentic than in china!

haha oxymoron maybe! but guess that means it is really good la…

祥源记xiang yuan ji - menu

祥源记xiang yuan ji – menu 

the card menu. very few items, basically both sides of the card.


生煎包 S$5

the 生煎包 the best i have eaten (i haven’t eaten many though…lol!)

there’s a lot of soup inside, & very very tasty soup (better than many xiaolongbao), so eaten like xiaolongbao, just bite a hole & suck.

the pork filling very tasty & the dough not too thick & great texture & taste.

have to say it’s very very good 生煎包!

咸豆腐花salty bean curd dish

咸豆腐花savoury bean curd dish S$4.50

& the 咸豆腐花savoury bean curd dish, was impressive too.

the bean curd is smooth, but the savoury sauce is what made it tick…

拌三丝 3 veg salad

拌三丝 3 veg salad S$4

the 拌三丝 which looked like carrots, cucumber & 百叶 fried gluten puff.

spring rolls

spring rolls S$4.50

the spring rolls was quite excellent.

unlike usual spring rolls which are quite packed, these ones quite empty in the crispy shell, yet very tasty.

breaded pork chop

breaded pork chop S$6.50

the breaded pork chop like any good hainanese pork chop, as good as loo’s curry.

breaded pork chop

breaded pork chop S$6.50

quite unusual really, anyway it was very good.

curry beef tanhoon

curry beef tanhoon S$6.50

the curry beef tanhoon a dish i can pass.

but really quite worthwhile trying for first time.

curry beef tanhoon

curry beef tanhoon S$6.50

not that it was not good.

in fact it was more than competent, quite a nice dish actually.

maybe the best way to characterise it is that it is a very good curry beef tanhoon dish, just not my kind of dish.

must say the beef (i think just 3 pieces) was excellent. very very tender..i think better than most taiwan braised beef noodles.

the soup is ok, not the style we are used too. would prefer the intense kambing soup.

祥源记xiang yuan ji bill

祥源记xiang yuan ji bill

lunch was S$38 for 3pax.

we all enjoyed it thoroughly.

c.h.e.f andy



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