Very Good S$4 Kueh Chap @ 康乐 at HL43 Food House Coffeeshop on 16Dec2016

wife had a 8pax hen’s party this evening on 16.12.2016.^^

made a few dishes for her –

  1. spanish omelette
  2. pan roasted “sous vide” brined chicken breast + thigh
  3. teriyaki salmon belly/trimmings
  4. tiramisu
S$4 kueh chap

S$4 kueh chap

was going to skip dinner myself, but last minute decided to go out & forage at 9pm.

not many places open at 9pm on friday night. didn’t want to go adam road food centre. holland drive food centre was closed, already past 9pm. anyway already parked my car. most stalls at the coffeeshop where red ring wanton mee is located at blk 46 holland drive were closed.

went over to HL43 food house coffeeshop at 43 holland drive.

康乐kueh chap @ HL43 Food House coffeeshop

康乐kueh chap @ HL43 Food House coffeeshop

saw this stall, have not tried before.

was deciding whether to take the S$3.50 pig innards soup. the look of the kong bak, pig intestines, pork trotters 卤味 attracted me, so ordered the S$4 kueh chap.

S$4 kueh chap

S$4 kueh chap

not disappointed!

there was kong bak, pig skin, small intestines, large intestines, 1/2 egg, taupok, tau kua. all for S$4.

and the kueh was very good, or at least very competent like any good kueh chap stall.

S$4 kueh chap

S$4 kueh chap

imo, this was better than cheng heng at holland drive food centre which has very long queue.


but i still think the happy duck bukit merah view FC is best!

S$4 kueh chap

S$4 kueh chap

so maybe this kueh chap is just competent. but for S$4, this was very good standard.

i think i will come back for the pig innards soup & also the ter kar.

c.h.e.f andy


康乐kueh chap

HL43 Food House (43 Holland Drive)
Singapore 270043