Delicious RI VSOP (Very Special Old Pals) Makan Besar on 29Nov2016

makan besar

makan besar

had a 16pax RI friends VSOP (Very Special Old Pals) makan besar on 29.11.2016. ^^

my friends liked the dishes i made for the recent FGS (For Goodness Sake) Charity Dinner on 21.10.2016.

so i did most of them but for a larger group of 16pax insteand of 10pax.

a friend made the miso white fish, so i skipped my nobu miso cod, and added a teriyaki salmon belly.

another friend made an excellent fruit salad with chantily cream so i skipped my chocolate banana cake.

& i added also braised oxtail, a new recipe i experimented once after the recent FGS dinner where my friend’s helper made a kickass oxtail stew, which was very good indeed!

pumpkin tofu salad

#1 pumpkin tofu salad

my helper made the usual pumpkin tofu salad.

i marinated with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar & honey 2hrs before. when serving i marinated the rockets & added to the salad.

smoked duck from phoon huat delicatessen

#1 smoked duck from phoon huat delicatessen

had a good experience with phoon huat delicatessen’s smoked duck, so save the trouble of doing my own tea smoked duck breast.

miso white fish

#2 miso white fish

my friend was thrilled with my nobu miso cod at the recent FGS dinner.

he decided to experiment with the recipe. he also prepared some sauce that he drizzled over. i was busy so forgot what he told me. will check with him next time.

the miso white fish was firm & tasty. for me, while i like the texture of cod better & also a stronger miso taste, this white fish was good. 🙂

i did a teriyaki salmon belly. 

nice flavours, especially with the fatty belly pieces. very tasty.

this time though, the 2x500g packets i bought from phoon huat delicatessen had more bones than belly. & i went to giant & sheng shiong to check, but there was nothing better.

just compare this with the excellent teriyaki salmon belly pieces (above photo – 1 packet about 500g also from phoon huat delicatessen) i did for a 6pax dinner on 16.11.2016.

i did a slow roasted pork belly. it was supposed to be gordon ramsay’s crackling slow-roasted belly pork.

crackling skin was very good during the recent FGS dinner.

& today when i tasted hot from the oven, it was also crackling.

but unfortunately a few hours later when serving, that crackling skin did not turn up today. skin was tough, not edible la.

anyway pork was still very tasty & all finished. 🙂

my friend’s filipino helper made an excellent oxtail stew at the recent FGS charity dinner.

today, i had 2 packets about 2.5kg from phoon huat delicatessen.

i think this was the favourite dish by far for all my friends.

it was very tasty. i like it very much myself.

meat was tender, great texture, gravy was smooth & deep-flavoured, a really wonderful dish.

i did 2 pastas, a seafood alio olio, & a prawn pasta in pink sauce.

most friends i asked liked the alio olio better.

olio was pretty tasty, still not as good as what my helper can make. as i told my friends, it was more for fun & a challenge that i did it myself rather than asked her to do.

& actually the pink sauce pasta was very tasty too.

i made a tagliata di manzo. this was an excellent cut – 150day grain fed anugus ribeye.

tagliata has been a favoruite in all my dinners & also at the recent FGS Charity Dinner. no exception this evening.^^

we had 2 pieces of 300g each. i served the dish 2 times. beef was very sweet & tender & great taken with the cherry tomatoes & rockets with olive oil, balsamic.

excellent fruit salad with chantily cream

#9 excellent fruit salad with chantily cream

& a friend brought an excellent fruit salad with chantily cream.

fruit salad

#9 fruit salad

very refreshing fruit salad.

excellent chantily cream

excellent chantily cream

the cream was out of this world, so supremely good. best i had la!

later we took it with 2 very nice ice creams – a chocolate nut & a red velvet ice cream. ^^

junmai sake

junmai sake 纯米

my friends brought a lot of stuff leh…

flavoured sake

flavoured sake

  • we had junmai sake + melon & strawberry flavoured sake
  • 2 moscatos
  • a white
  • a red
  • the nice red velvet & chocolate nuts ice cream
  • & organic longan

we had a wonderful makan, old pals special friends, great food, drinks, dessert & fruit, & a splendid evening chatting & sharing, not to say listening to american politics.

c.h.e.f andy

Still Good Sungei Road Laksa S$3 + S$1 extra Cockles on 1Dec2016

sungei road laksa S$3 + S$1 extra cockcles

sungei road laksa S$3 + S$1 extra cockles 

was on the way home along jln besar after a-

  1. nice lunch treat at 祥源记xiang yuan ji; followed by
  2. expensive flat white & hot chocolate coffee treat at CSHH Coffee Bar.

by my OPS primary school buddies.

sungei road laksa S$3

sungei road laksa S$3 

passing jln berseh food centre, last minute, decided to turn in kelantan lane & passed by the sungei road laksa stall at jln berseh.

carpark was full at 3pm, but i managed to park along the roadside, also jln berseh.

laksa is now S$3. I asked for extra cockles, now S$1, so total is S$4.

sungei road laksa S$3

sungei road laksa S$3

there was not much queue, so 2 pax ahead of me.

gourmet street

gourmet street 

the place is named gourmet street. quite bright & airy, and the ngoh hiang stall next to the laksa looked quite good. maybe try next time if coming here with friends.

sungei road laksa S$3 + S$1 extra cockcles

sungei road laksa S$3 + S$1 extra cockles 

the laksa still good, still lemak & tasty. the extra cockles were quite a fair bit, & they were large & plump.

on my FB, i recorded-

On the way home I decided to stop by for sungei road laksa $3+$1 extra cockles

Ok but just don’t have the shiok factor like ah heng curry chicken noodles…not as shiok as the 生煎包lunch

so maybe i am less attracted to the dish nowadays la…

& c/w with the much more savoury taste & for me far more shiok ah heng curry chicken noodles, this sungei road laksa has less shine.

still one of the best laksa for me, but maybe i still prefer weiyi laksa which is slight less lemak & more savoury.

c.h.e.f andy