2nd RI FGS (For Goodness Sake) Charity Dinner Raised S$10,020 for HCA Hospice Care on 21Oct2016

which bali resort is this?

which bali resort is this?

a group of RI friends have the idea that as we all have a good time coming together enjoying good food & company, making new memories together, maybe we can also do a charity fundraising while we are having our makan & chill get-together. ^^

so we came together to do the 1st RI FGS (For Goodness Sake) Charity Dinner at an architect friend’s house on 20.5.2016. ^^

we had a great fun time together that evening, and we raised S$16,948 for HCA Hospice Care.


hummus & breadstick

we decided to do this again at the same architect friend’s beautiful home, this time a sit down homecooked western dinner on 21.10.2016. ^^

the host provided some hummus & breadstick.

which bali resort is this?2

we gathered at the lounge looking into the tranquil koi pond, patio & swimming pool, sharing conversation & waiting for other friends to arrive.

for the food, the host have arranged for his helper to cook oxtail stew, a substantive main course.

i prepared the other dishes comprising a salad, 2 meat & a fish tapas, 2 pastas, a beef steak main course & tiramisu, a popular dessert among my friends.

2 friends came earlier to my place about 5.45pm to help transport the food/dishes over to our architect friend’s house.

we arrived in good time about 6.15pm. the helper’s oxtail stew was “brewing”, excellent aroma wafting in the kitchen.

i got the tapas dishes in the oven at 50degC to keep warm, salad & pastas ready for tossing when we starting dinner, & the ribeye steaks i would cook sometime into dinner.


#1 pumpkin tofu salad

we started dinner at 8pm when all the friends arrived.

my helper had prepared the tofu & pumpkin which i had added extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar & some honey earlier (ran out of agave nectar).

when serving i added some ready mix of olive oil, balsamic, seasalt to the mesclun vegetables, tossed & added to make the pumpkin tofu salad. (this to keep the mesclun fresh & not soggy).

it was an excellent salad!


#1 smoked duck to accompany the pumpkin tofu salad

i had wanted to smoke duck breast myself (my own tea smoked duck breast here!), but i could not get the ready duck breast from sheng shiong & did not want to debone a whole duck for the purpose.

i chanced upon a ready smoked duck breast at phoon huat in clementi, & it turned out the duck breast was very good!


#2 teriyaki miso pork belly (so-so today)

my teriyako miso belly pork was a bit underwhelming today.

taste was ok but did not stand out.

the nobu miso cod though was excellent.

everyone liked it. one friend declared it was his best dish for this evening’s dinner, and plans to cook the dish himself.

the gordon ramsay slow-braised crackling pork was tops this evening too.

my expert photographer friend was distracted this evening, focusing on some other subjects i think, haha!

the meat was very tender & flavourful, well braised, very tasty & still having the bite, not disintegrating! ^^

& the skin was very crispy, crackling.

many friends commented on the crackling skin. it was in the oven for 2 hrs to keep warm, and the skin remained crackling.

the alio olio pasta was very tasty & a friend declared that was his best dish for the evening.

it didn’t start off as alio olio, lol!^^

i bought 5 large squid (2.3kg) form chinatown the day before, and that was all the squid ink there was from the 5 squid.

so i decided to evolve the dish into alio olio, the easiest to make – just browned a whole bulb garlic, fried sliced chicken & prawns, then some diced scallops, tossed in the spaghetti when serving & garnish with thai sweet basil.

squid ink is very flavourful, so though this was not a squidink dish (my squidink pasta here!), the squid ink enhanced the taste of the alio olio pasta!

the second pasta i did was prawn pasta in pink (creamy tomatoes) sauce. a friend mentioned that this pasta was very good.

i like the tomatoes flavour, an excellent dish really, just tomato taste a bit more commonplace.

this was my best dish for the evening.

it was made the host’s helper. (i subsequently recreated this dish myself)

for me, the top 4 dishes were this oxtail stew, the sliced beef tagliata, nobu miso cod & the crackling belly pork.

as this dish was made by my friend’s helper rather than my own, i was more excited trying it.

everyone liked this dish…a friend said the beef was so tender…indeed excellent steak, tender, juicy, sweet! ^^

tagliata di manzo is a common steak dish served in italian restaurants. tagliata means cut, and manzo means beef, so just a sliced beef dish that is well plated with cherry tomatoes & rockets (i used mesclun this evening as i could not get rockets at giant the day before).

& i made tiramisu, a dessert which all my friends liked.

2 friends had extra, extra helpings! 🙂

very-sweet-melon i-liked-the-sweet-baluku-too

the host provided cut fruits – papaya & sweet rock melons, and also baluku.


such a pleasant bali dining environment

the bali setting was mesmerising, very calming, warm, welcoming, tranquil.


nice tableware

table was set by the helper. nice tableware.


nice tableware

nice tableware – placemat. 🙂


table set for 10pax dinner


tabel set for 10pax dinner

very enjoyable, relaxing dinner with good friends, long time pals from schooldays in RI from 1971, 45yrs ago.

we say we are all VSOP = very special old pals! ^^


bali retreat


bali retreat

everyone had a great time. memorable joyful evening.

after taking leave from the gracious host & getting home, got the whatsapp message from tai kor (big bro) that we collected $10,020 for HCA Hospice Care.

as we shared these 2 times we came together to organise the FGS Charity Dinners-

the dinner size, donations & amounts are not so important…just old friends having good fun together with the added opportunity to have the joy to make a donation if so wishes la….

c.h.e.f andy


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