Good Standard Breakfast @ Shikisai Ryokan on 13Oct2016 – Day 2 Nikko


shikisai japanese breakfast

next morning we had breakfast at 8am on 13.10,2016. ^^

it was some redemption (though only breakfast). 🙂

i would put this breakfast up there, as meeting the standard this ryokan should offer la. 🙂


shikisai dining hall

nice dining hall, and in the morning light, a different feel – bright, “airy”, feels expansive looking out at the greens. would have been lots better if they were koyo colours & momiji of course. sigh!


appetizers=fish roe, marinated herrings etc

the appetizer dish included fish roe & a marinated herrings dish (both were very nice) & some gluten. 🙂



salad was good also, with the orange thing some savoury stuff. good! 🙂


onsen egg

onsen egg maybe ordinary, but it’s my perennial favourite. 🙂


steamed yuba dish

wife liked this steamed yuba dish a lot.

and it was very good la! 🙂


clear soup with nori

there was a packet of nori (seaweed) on the table. i added some to the clear soup & some to my rice.


steamed tofu

the steamed tofu dish was very good too.


steamed tofu

especially when added to the sauce & taken together.


steamed cod

additionally we had a steamed cod.


steamed cod

this method of preparation similar to the beef last evening, just placed on a oppa leave & light up below & covered. maybe steamed/simmered?

the cod was pre treated, quite often the case including in bentos.


steamed cod

it was nice & tasty.


red bean dessert

& ended with a simple red bean dessert.

this breakfast was not luxurious, but the food items were certainly tasty & delicious, and adequate, and so it meet the standard for breakfast for such a ryokan like shikisai, where the kaiseki diner did not la.

c.h.e.f andy



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