Happiness is a Choice = Treasure, Appreciate, Enjoy what You have!



friend of mine has been sending me meaningful messages, must have included me in his whatsapp broadcast. ^^

i made a quick chinese translation-


how very true!!

has been what I believe all the time💪😀
just that doing it is quite another thing all together😂

in the same expansive, all-encompassing mood of treasuring, appreciating & enjoying what we have, he also sent a video 麻烦,which i like a lot.

it says something like-

when you children are not inconveniencing you any more, maybe they are grown up & have gone far away

when your parents are not inconveniencing you any more, maybe they are no longer around..

when your spouse is not inconveniencing you any more, maybe they are “inconveniencing” someone else

when friends are not inconveniencing you any more, maybe there is distance already..

our lives are intertwined because of we are concerned for, care & do things for one another. in embracing inconvenience we share & achieve our goals together. in working on our goals toegther we deal with the inconvenience.

in being inconvenienced by & inconveniencing others, we deepen our relationship, feelings & empathy for each other, and realize our being. this is life!

so we treasure those by our side inconveniencing us, and thank those we have inconvenienced.

part of my resolution for 2017!

c.h.e.f andy