Nice Lunch & Chat with Old Friends @ Happy Duck Bukit Merah View FC on 16Jun2015

pigs ear, intestines, pig skin & lor bak S$10

pigs ear, intestines, pig skin & kong bak S$10

went out lunch with some good friends today on 16.6.2015.

we had wanted to take my favourite chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤 at bukit merah view market & food centre. however the stall was closed & seemed that only reopen on 1.8.2015. that’s a long time to close shop!

3 of us were already parked at 11am. we were discussing where to go instead. one that came to mind was the havelock turtle soup合落山瑞, kueh chap or red garoupa fish soup at havelock road food centre.

but then there was already a pretty ok duck & kueh chap stall here = happy duck. 🙂 the other 2 friends were on their way & it was troublesome to drive & to park as well.

1/2 braised duck S$18

1/2 braised duck S$18

so we settled on happy duck!^^

price was reasonable. we had 1/2 braised duck for S$18.

also added the kueh chap including 4 items = pigs ear, intestines, pig skin & kong bak for S$10.

the duck was pretty good for me. duck was tender, good flavour & chilli was great too.

1 friend thought it was average, quite fine. another thought the one next to hoover rojak at whampoa market, liang zhao ji duck rice, was better – that’s my memory too, but i had not eaten at that duck stall for umpteen years. i know what i don’t like though – the one previously at south buona vista with the gluey sauce, lim seng lee boneless duck. taste is personal, haha! 🙂

my own favourite braised duck is at imperial treasure teochew, & it’s not expensive either just S$28 for 1/2 duck (of course that’s a bit more than S$18 here).

another friend’s favourite was 店小二’s roast duck but that is another story. unfortunately we seemed to run out of places to find goose, braised or roast.

kueh chap

kueh chap

sauce rice

sauce rice

we had 2 rice & 2 kueh. that added another S$2, my kueh was ok, average. the rice did not seem to be yam rice, maybe just sauce. another it was just S$2 for 4.

so it was S$30, and it was quite enough for 5pax (1 friend came slightly late & added his own kueh). 🙂

after makan, we had fruits & then coffeshop coffee. i had my usual kopi-c gosong tilok. very shiok.

1 left a bit earlier, 4 of us stayed & chatted for the longest time. haha!

c.h.e.f andy

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