Delicious 7pax Homecooked Chicken Rice Dinner for OPS Bros on 28Jul2017

made one of my best chicken rice this evening for my OPS bros on 28.7.2017. ^^

wife also joined dinner this evening so we had 7pax.

chicken was smooth, tender, sweet & moist…lagi best la! 🙂

chicken rice very flavourful 

& chicken rice was very flavourful.

both chicken & rice were much better than what i did at the 12pax dinner for JH family on 16.7.2017.

i had 3cups rice for 7pax, fried in chicken fat & cut ginger & lots of garlic, added 1/2tsp salt & added 3 cups very intense chicken stock…& the rice was really flavourful & tasty…i finished all the remaining rice the next day by myself, without any meat, just rice & the sauces.

chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡 

i cooked the chicken just right – 12mins simmering, 25mins off fire poached, then ice bucket, and placed in fridge.

when i deboned the chicken, i could feel the smoothness & tenderness of the chicken.

beautiful to look at & very tasty with the sauces…

chicken rice chili 

i made the chicken rice chili – 6 red chilli, 1 chili padi, 5 tbsp chopped garlic, 3cm chopped ginger, 1tbsp flat sugar, 1/2 cup intense chicken stock 1/2 tsp salt..

really nice chili…as good as outside stalls…

chicken rice ginger sauce 

ginger sauce as well…i chopped the ginger as blending does not give the right texture, becomes ginger juice…

added 3 tbsp olive oil, a dash of salt…

i also made a nice sauce that was perfect with the chicken rice = itbsp flat sugar, 2tbsp dark sauce, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 3tbsp water…that’s it..super supernice…go try it! ^^

i had 1/2 duck in the freezer, so took out 2 days ago, marinated with the spice mix & sealed in container in chiller compartment.

took out this after & poached like the chicken – 15mins boiling, and 30mins off fire poached.

still not as good as my best in the photos here. 

duck was smaller – <2kg from giant soi reduced the salt (can be lesser next time). spice flavours were good…

even my best cannot compare with the quite excellent benson’s 盐水鸭  at toa payoh lor 1 of course, but still this was a pretty good rendition.

spiced duck 盐水鸭 

this time duck was just nice & not overdone…

when i deboned the duck, i knew…

just a small 1/2 duck, so all finished in fact..

tofu prawns 

tofu prawns quite a practiced delivery nowadays..

prawns for tofu prawns 

prawns were done just right, and set aside so not overcooked, succulent, sweet & bouncy.

fried tofu in gravy – tofu prawns 

tofu was fried earlier, set aside and added to the very tasty gravy with egg before serving. then garnished with coriander.

tofu prawns 

tifu were infused with the tasty gravy, so a very tasty prawn tofu dish.

S$15 duck master whole roast duck 

my OPS bro bought the S$15 duck master duck from chinatown.

i told him earlier that since i already had the 1/2盐水鸭 let’s not served the roast duck & just let someone bring it back…

but the duck was small, looked tasty, and ther papers were just talking about duck master & we would all want to just try it, so i deboned the duck & served.

anyhow the roast duck & the 1/2盐水鸭 were all finished.

nonya steamed red snapper 

my friend brought a 800g red snapper.

it would have been a very nice dish…was good every time…

unfortunately this time we were feasting?? and i forgot about the fish & left it in the steam oven until we like finished dinner & all the other food…

sauce was ok, but fish meat was overcooked & such a waste la!

cuttlefish kang kong 

cuttlefish kang kong with the excellent gimson nonya sauce was very good as usual, and all my friends liked it.

my dining aircon was not working. after dinner, we migrated to the aircon room & chatted about another OPS bro’s recently bought audi car, hong kong, next food tour & others..

my OPS bro who brought the duck & snapper also brought a very nice korean musk melon, bought S$5,99 from sheng shiong, very sweet melon.

another fun evening with very good OPS friends.

c.h.e.f andy