The Best Homecooked Early Birthday Dinner for Very Close Friend on 14Jul2017

#1 teochew fried crayfish egg onions

i cooked a 7pax early birthday dinner for a very close friend this evenin gon 14.7.2017. ^^

did 5 wonderful, delectable dishes.

5 dishes for homecooked birthday dinner

this one of the best dinner i made, every dish was par excellence –

#1 lobster yeemeen in superior stock 上汤焗

#2 teochew fried crayfish with egg onions

#3 sek bao sin tofu prawns

#4 wine chicken with taupok

#5 kang kong with cuttlefish in nonya sauce

i had red garoupa but decided not to do as a lot of food😜

5 dishes for homecooked birthday dinner

once all friends arrived, the food were ready on the table within 10mins. ^^

#1 teochew fried crayfish egg onions

the teochew fried crayfish egg onions was really “pang”, fragrant with good wok hae.

crayfish from chinatown market

wife said some crayfish weren’t the freshest. i got those from chinatown market, no choice from the stall which i thought was not honest, but no choice, only crayfish that day.

still quite ok la…

#1 teochew fried crayfish egg onions

i did the dish beforehand. fried with chili padi & chopped spring onions & garlic, softened the onions, then added 2 eggs, added some oyster sauce, fried fragrant & set aside.

then i fried the crayfish with cut chili padi, sliced ginger & chopped garlic, a little fish sauce, and set aside.

when serving, i heat up the egg onions, added the crayfish, stir-fried, the served.

#2 tofu prawns

the tofu prawns, i shallow fried the silken tofu earlier.

for the gravy, i fried cut chili padi, chopped spring onions & garlic, then added very tasty, intense chicken stock, one tbsp of cornflour to thicken. then i added one egg in the boiling gravy, waited a while & used chopstick to draw out the egg…

i seasoned the shelled prawns with fish sauce & white pepper, cooked the prawns like 90% in the gravy & removed. when about to serve, i heated up the gravy, added the tofu & the prawns, and voila!

#2 tofu prawns

gravy was very tasty & prawns were just right texture, succulent & bouncy, not overcooked. 🙂

#3 wine chicken

the wine chicken dish was very popular too. my friends took more rice to go with the chicken gravy. 🙂

i deboned 1/2 chicken, & seasoned with 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp shaoxing wine. i fried cut chili padi, chopped spring onions, garlic, then added the chicken, fried, & added the intense chicken stock. i cooked the chicken for about 5-6 mins, just tender not overcooked. then i removed the chicken & cooked cut taupok strips in the gravy.

#3 wine chicken

when my friends arrived, i just heat up the dish & served.

#4 lobster yeemeen in superior broth

the lobster yeemeen this evening was the best i had made, so very tasty, fantastic.

3 smallish frozen lobsters from phoon huat delicatesen

this were smallish frozen lobsters from phoon huat delicatesen, about 350g-375g, so i used 3 pieces, shelled the pincers & cut each lobster tail into 3 pieces.

#4 lobster yeemeen in superior broth

i fried cut chili padi, chopped spring onions & garlic, then added the remaining intense chicken stock. then i cooked the lobster head first, then added the pincers & lobster tail pieces, and removed them about 90% cooked.

when serving i boiled the stock, added the lobster and the yeemeen, off the fire & braised the noodles in the superior broth.

so nice! very shiok!

#5 cuttlefish kang kong

the last dish for the evening was cuttlefish kang kong.

this i cooked on the spot when friends arrived.

just fried the cut stems with chili padi & garlic, added oyster sauce, then added the cuttlefish & the jang kong leaves, & 1 heap tbsp gimson nonya sauce. and stir fried.

#5 cuttlefish kang kong

a really tasty dish, great cuttlefish texture & special flavours of the nonya sauce made the dish quite unique & different. excellent ending to the dinner.

of course dinner was overflowing with wine, jokes, laughter, sharing.

& my god-sis brought a cake for the birthday boy. my youngest daughter was having her birthday couple weeks later. she also joined this dinner so we sang happy birthday for both of them. ^^

c.h.e.f andy

RI Brotherhood Birthday Bash @ J Gateway Condo & Roof Garden on 11Jul2017

seafood roll & dragon beard S$32 

we celebrated 2 birthdays this month at a RI friend’s condo & clubhouse on 11.7.2017. ^^

1 bro was travelling, the rest 13pax attended.

i went early with 4 others who played tennis.

the rest joined around 7pm & we went to the roof garden. 🙂

my seafood house 珍阁 at blk 130 next to JCube

the organisers ordered & picked up the food from my seafood house 珍阁 zi char at blk 130 next to JCube.

surprise, surprise, the food was really good! much owing to the good selection too by our organiser who also the games convenor.

herbal chicken soup $36 

the herbal chicken soup very competent. tasty & nice herb flavours.

seafood roll & dragon beard S$32 

seafood roll & dragon beard combo was quite standard. still, they were crispy & tasted good.

pork fritters & deepfried big intestines S$36 

the pork fritters were good.

the deepfried big intestines were pretty ok though one friend found it strong taste. quite ok for me.

calamari S$25 

the calamari was surprisingly quite good too. crispy & sotong not overdone, not rubbery..

salted egg pork ribs S$24 

salted egg pork ribs were ok, competent, not the most juicy rendition..

kailan S$15 

kailan was ok..

sambal kang kong S$12 

& sambal kang kong was good zi char standard…

bill = S$234.50 for 13pax

crispy trotters S$28 

the crispy trotters was quite excellent, especially the skin, but also tendons & gelatinous bits.

there was another dish of tofu, pretty ok forgot to take photos.

overall cost was quite good = S$234.50 for 13pax…we enjoyed the dinner very much.

it was fun too having makan at the open air roof garden.

after makan, we played several games, about 4 or 5 games.

it was a great evening with the boys…

c.h.e.f andy


Excellent 6+1pax North Indian Dinner @ Chat Masala on 10Jul2017

very good starters platter – veg samosa, pakora, fish vadais, yogurt?

my RI friend organised a north indian cuisine dinner @ chat masala on 10.7.2017. ^^

we had 6pax. another friend who is vegetarian joined later at 9pm.

i hardly had north indian food as no kakis…except in london my family went to dishoom a few times…food at chat masala is better & the range of food many times more.

very good starters platter – veg samosa, pakora, fish vadais, yogurt?

my friend made excellent orders for this evening.

we thoroughly enjoyed the food. i shall be back! ^^

the starters were all very good – veg samosa, pakora, fish vadais, yogurt?

coriander cheese triangles – cheese naan with eggplant dip

& the coriander cheese triangles – cheese naan came with an excellent eggplant dip.

coriander cheese triangles – cheese naan with eggplant dip

really nice indeed!

tandoori roti, romali (hankerchief) roti & garlic naan

we ordered 2 tandoori roti, 2 romali (hankerchief) roti & 1 garlic naan…

tandoori roti, romali (hankerchief) roti & garlic naan

the romali (hankerchief) roti was the best! tandoori roti dry & the garlic naan also dry out a bit over the course of dinner.

butter chicken

butter chicken was very good. chicken was tender & gravy was excellent!

butter chicken

this a favourite dish when my children were young…we had home parties then & sometimes we ordered from delhi restaurant & went to pick up the food for small 10-15pax parties.

kerala fish curry

kerala fish curry was very good too. gravy was very tasty & fish had firm texture.

dhal makhni – black lentils

one friend like this dish – a must order for her.

dhal makhni – black lentils

this was black lentils, different from the usual yellow mung dhal…

palak paneer – cottage cheese in spinach gravy

we also had palak paneer – cottage cheese in spinach gravy…nice too…

palak paneer – cottage cheese in spinach gravy

cottage cheese in north indian cuisine tastes kind of like tofu…

mutton briyani

for me the best dish was the mutton briyani.

mutton briyani

briyani was loose, individual grains, just next texture, not oily, but the best was the mutton – so good! &large serving of mutton…

at this carb-less age, we finished the rice & there were still mutton pieces to enjoy.

gulab jamun, baileys kulfi, mango kulfi

i not into indian dessert…they usually overwhelmingly (sickeningly came to mind) sweet!

gulab jamun

these ones here were a tad better.

but gulab still far too sweet.

mango kulfi

the kulfi were better, both mango kulfi & also baileys kulfi..

baileys kulfi

very small helping though & prices quite ex…

dinner for 6pax +1 came to about S$175, really good price for the excellent food we had…

i would say this chat masala food is much better than the dishoom dishes we had in london.

c.h.e.f andy


Chat Masala