RI Brotherhood Birthday Bash @ J Gateway Condo & Roof Garden on 11Jul2017

seafood roll & dragon beard S$32 

we celebrated 2 birthdays this month at a RI friend’s condo & clubhouse on 11.7.2017. ^^

1 bro was travelling, the rest 13pax attended.

i went early with 4 others who played tennis.

the rest joined around 7pm & we went to the roof garden. 🙂

my seafood house 珍阁 at blk 130 next to JCube

the organisers ordered & picked up the food from my seafood house 珍阁 zi char at blk 130 next to JCube.

surprise, surprise, the food was really good! much owing to the good selection too by our organiser who also the games convenor.

herbal chicken soup $36 

the herbal chicken soup very competent. tasty & nice herb flavours.

seafood roll & dragon beard S$32 

seafood roll & dragon beard combo was quite standard. still, they were crispy & tasted good.

pork fritters & deepfried big intestines S$36 

the pork fritters were good.

the deepfried big intestines were pretty ok though one friend found it strong taste. quite ok for me.

calamari S$25 

the calamari was surprisingly quite good too. crispy & sotong not overdone, not rubbery..

salted egg pork ribs S$24 

salted egg pork ribs were ok, competent, not the most juicy rendition..

kailan S$15 

kailan was ok..

sambal kang kong S$12 

& sambal kang kong was good zi char standard…

bill = S$234.50 for 13pax

crispy trotters S$28 

the crispy trotters was quite excellent, especially the skin, but also tendons & gelatinous bits.

there was another dish of tofu, pretty ok forgot to take photos.

overall cost was quite good = S$234.50 for 13pax…we enjoyed the dinner very much.

it was fun too having makan at the open air roof garden.

after makan, we played several games, about 4 or 5 games.

it was a great evening with the boys…

c.h.e.f andy


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