OPS Singapore Food Tour Tea @ Chateraise Ion Orchard on 19Jul2017

chateraise cakes 

after tangs market sungei road laksa & cendol,  we decided to go daiso to buy some stuff since our car was parked at ion orchard on 19.7.2017. ^^

chateraise cakes 

having done with daiso, we passed by chateraise cake shop. this a japan patisserie with what looked like nice japanese cream cakes.

i selected 5 different cakes – the best-seller legendary cream cake, its legendary chocolate equivalent, crispy chocolate cake, fruit bar cake & millecrepe.

best seller legendary fresh cream cake 

the legendary cream cake is their best seller, and it was very nice indeed. very light & wonderful cake.

legendary chocolate cake 

& so was the legendary chocolate cake.

the crispy chocolate cake was just as nice.

fruit bar cake 

& the fruit bar cake too…

green tea millecrepe

green tea millecrepe 

only cake not great was the green tea millecrepe.

somehow this didn’t taste right. lady M’s green tea millecrepe is a lot better.

chateraise cakes 

& the cakes were like S$4.70 etc…i had 5 cakes about S$24.

would have cost a lot more at flor or yamashita…& the cakes look better than yamashita.. 

don’t mind this cake shop…if i am in ion i would buy again.

c.h.e.f andy



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