Chef Yamashita’s Delicious Cakes on 14Apr2016

cake + coffee

cake + coffee

a OPS (outram prinary school) buddy bought me chef yamashita cakes. chef yamashita was with glace then flor & now his own chef yamashita.

it was kind of unexpected. we were teasing & bantering on OPS whatsapp group chat, basically just kidding so i was not expecting the cakes. not complaining either, haha! ^^

the friend brought the cakes to another friend’s place, after our lunch at hoower court.

first time i am trying them. i have seen the photos prior, & they all looked delicious & alluring!

& i had good time as you see above, coffee + cake when i got home. ^^

chef yamashita cakes

chef yamashita cakes

i don’t know the names, but looking at the sliced cakes in chef yamashita website, i had the uji, a green tea cake (btw uji is a small town about 15km south of kyoto on the way to nara & famous for its green tea…i visited with my sis in may2013); the mt fuji; the ichigo; & another pink roll which looks like the framboise turned sideways.

& among these, looking at the whole cakes in chef yamashita website, seems that ichigo is his recommended cake.

cakes are not exactly my forte to comment. i do like japanese cakes. the cream is usually lighter & tastier. & of course they are visual delights to behold.

my daughter though knows of chef yamashita. she ate most of the cakes..haha!

i tasted each of the 4 cakes. i think my favourite is uji. the green tea flavour was excellent, light but lingering, not too sweet (not sure, maybe can be even less sweet), and already said the cream was light & tasty. next was the ichigo (which means strawberry).

actually mt fuji also not bad, chocolate & chestnut cream…not sure what was the pink cake. but it was not bad too. this are cakes that i am actually quite happy to finish the whole cake, usually i would not.

c.h.e.f andy




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