Still Good Curry Rice Lunch @ Hoower Food Court on 14Apr2016

curry rice dishes

curry rice dishes

this the second time i have curry rice lunch here at hoower food court, a coffeshop on haig road, on 14.4.2016. ^^

i was first introduced to the stall about 2 months ago by my OPS (outram primary school) buddy on 17.2.2016.

that time was after i sent my shantou nephew & his family (wife +12yr old daughter) to airport.

this time we a bit earlier at about 12pm (i went for a short 6km run this morning…didn’t have much time so could not do it earlier in any case).

the last we ordered 4 dishes for 2pax for S$10 all-in. this time we also ordered 4 dishes (not much choice/dishes left) for 4pax which came to S$22 all-in. the curry chicken had 2 wings more so like double portion.

overall it was ok la…

curry chicken

curry chicken

i liked the curry chicken best. i asked for more curry & mopped up most of it.

sweet & sour fish

sweet & sour fish

the sweet & sour fish was pretty good too.

sweet & sour fish2

sweet & sour fish

the deep-fried garoupa was done ok, not dry, and the tomato sauce with pineapples quite well done, so the dish was overall quite tasty. i considered one of the better sweet & sour dishes which i don’t order often (there were not many choices/dishes to order).

kong ba, tau kua & tau pok

kong bak, tau kua & tau pok

a friend liked the kong bak best. i had considered to order additional portion. this time it was just ok for me, so did not add more.

cabbage, a bit of tanhoon

cabbage, a bit of tanhoon

the cabbage was quite well done, quite tasty.

the dishes were all quite ok. & the prices were still ok. so overall pretty ok, still a place i don’t mind coming back. only constraint is that the choices/dishes a bit limited (the OMO stall lady is also the one who cooks, so not easy to manage too many dishes & also wastage, so basically she does it in such a way that basically all the dishes are sold out).

but the important thing about any dish is it must taste good, & the dishes here taste good. 🙂

some leaves

some plant leaves

after lunch, we went went to the friend’s house for drinks & cake.

the friend made drinks from some plant leaves. he gave me some to bring home.

some leaves

some leaves

one friend is a flora expert, so he dig out some technical info on the plant…sound like martian to me la…

the drink

the drink

i like the drink. somehow i felt i had taken it before & remembered the taste. must be long ago.

macha cake

macha cake

a friend brought the macha cake he made. it was pretty good, not to sweet. he was looking to perfect it a bit more, maybe increasing the macha tea powder to have a stronger flavour.

later another friend came & brought me some yamashita cake.

had a good time with my OPS friends but had to leave/rush for another appointment.

c.h.e.f andy



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