Really Shiok 4pax Curry Rice Lunch @ Loo’s Curry on 27May2016

my fren bought the whole stall

my fren bought the whole stall

my OPS friend bought lunch at loo’s curry at Tai Kwang Huat Coffee Shop, 57 Eng Hoon Street,on 27.5.2016. ^^

he bought up whole stall, 6 dishes for 4pax!

& we had prawns, chicken, sotong, pork chop, fish head & veg! 🙂

i am recently with my RI friends on 22.3.2016.

we had 8pax & ordered about the same food (which was enuf la)…lol! 🙂

hainanese pork chop

hainanese pork chop

pork chop is a must signature food for hainanese curry rice (next to the curry itself i guess…lol). 🙂

i not particularly keen on tonkatsu but this went very well with the curry.

curry prawns

curry prawns

the curry prawns was a surprise for me.

usual in these chai poon 菜贩 type stalls, or even in zi char stalls, don’t expect very fresh prawns.

this one was very good, very fresh!

curry sotong

curry sotong

curry sotong always good. we ordered that last time also.

(just read on straits times today 28.5.2016 that the word sotong is now officially included in oxford dictionary!)

curry chicken

curry chicken

chicken curry was very so so, in fact one of the poorer ones i have taken eg the hoower food court cheap curry rice’s curry chicken a lot better

& of course the geyland serai stalls like sinar pagi nasi padang better than both.

the curry itself though always good!

black beans fish head

black beans fish head

black beans fish head was ok, but these kind of dish have to take at zi char stalls like kok sen at keong saik street la.

curry veg

curry veg

curry veg was good but usual.

vegetarian ngoh hiang

vegetarian ngoh hiang

friend went to order vegetarian ngoh hiang some more. all items very tasty especially the one with mushrooms stuffed inside.

i had to finish almost all the rice & not eat dinner, and after lunch we went for durian some more.

the curry rice was just S$40 for 6 dishes include prawns, we think only because the stallholder “ah” with my friend. the vegetarian ngoh hiang S$10 for 4 items also a bit special price?

friend’s elder brother (70) & sil came for lunch also. after lunch they stopped by our table & had a short chat.

c.h.e.f andy


Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice



+65 62253762

Opening Hours

Daily: 08:00 – 14:00

Closed: Alt Thu


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