Self Walking Tour of Lisbon to Castelo do Sao Jorge on 28Mar2016

Rooster of barcelos

Rooster of barcelos  

the rooster of barcelos is sold everywhere. we saw them at sourvenir shops as we walked the town on 28.3.2016. ^^

see legend of rooster of barcelos – so if the man to be hang was innocent, the dead rooster would crow again…

walking from tartine the breakfast place to the arc then to castelo

walking from tartine the breakfast place to the arc then to castelo

after a great hearty breakfast at tartine, we took a walk to arco da rua augusta & the praca do comercio on the way to the castelo.

we followed the tram 28 route, but decided to walk both onward & return journey instead of taking the tram.

arco da rua augusta

arco da rua augusta 

we saw the arc along the route..

streetspraca do comercio 2

arch to praca do comercio 2 arch to praca do comercio 3

a victory monument to commenorate the reconstruction of lisboa after the 1755 earthquake..



on the left facing the praca is the supreme court building & on the right the ministry of justice.

praca do comercio 3

praca do comercio 

the praca, square of commerce, looks over river tagus.

it is also referred to as the terreiro do paco or palace yard of the pacos da rebeira (royal ribeira palace) which was destroyed in the 1755 earthquake, followed by a tsunami & fire that destroyed mist of lisboa..

arco da rua augusta viewed from praca do comercio

arco da rua augusta viewed from praca do comercio  

the square is a pleasant expansive space with government buildings on the sides.

statue of King José I @ praca do comercio

Statue of King José I, by Machado de Castro (1775).

the statue of King José I, by Machado de Castro (1775) stands at the centre of the praca. the king on his horse is symbolically crushing snakes on his path.

Go cars-€60 for 4hrs

Go cars-€60 for 4hrs 

after the praca, we spied some go cars rental. there were tourists riding these along the streets.

Go cars-€60 for 4hrs2another model

my son had taken it previously when he was here in 2011.

wife & i were not taking it so my son & daughter did not take them this t

santo antonio church

santo antonio church 

on the way to castelo, we passed by the santo antonio church.

santo antonio church2

santo antonio church  

it’s a nice little 18th century baroque catholic church.

santo antonio church3

santo antonio church 

took a shot of the nave, low lighting not so clear.

santo antonio church4

santo antonio church 

nice murals of biblical stories…

street mosaic art

street mosaic art 

alfama is the oldest district with interesting maze of narrow streets, historical buildings & tiled roofs.

there was an interesting street mosaic art…

after that we turned left uphill towards the castelo de sao jorge.

& after the castle, we had excellent chorizo, cheese & port at winebar do castelo.

street & tram 28 route

street & tram 28 route 

after a satisfied meal, we walked further along the tram 28 route.

street & tram 28 route2

street & tram 28 route 


street & tram 28 route 

to miradouro de santa luzia…

rest stop rest stop view

a very nice lookout over the alfama terrain, castle & all the way down the lezo estuary to river tagus.

view of 25th apr brudge

view of alfama district view of alfama district2

view of castelo do sao jorge from miradouro de santa luzia

view of castelo do sao jorge from miradouro de santa luzia

a view of castelo do sao jorge from miradouro de santa luzia…

view of alfama district3 view of tagus river view of tagus river2 view of tagus river3

looking over the tile roofs to the tagus river…



we debated whether to take a tuk tuk, & decided to just walk back.

nice joint nice joint2 nice joint3

nice joint4

nice joint5 restaurante chapito a mesa

on the way back we passed by a delightful restaurant on a terrace slope.

beautiful place. a hip place to chill out.

at the top before the entrance to the restaurant is a curio, sourvenir shop.

houses architecture3 architecture2 architecture

took some photos of the buildings/architecture…

alfama district

interesting streets…


nearer the apartment

nearer the apartment2

after that its going back to our apartment.

after passing rossio square, we walked up the slope of calcada do carmo, then up the steps of calcado do duque & back to our apartment.

the restaurants were serving tables on the steps.

it was a wonderful relaxing walk after a great breakfast & port cheese lunch. still we need our rest & cuppa at the apartment.

in the evening we went to jose avillez’s cantinho do avillez for dinner.

daughter decided to give it a miss & skipped dinner. guess she didn’t miss much. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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