Early Birthday Lunch for a Friend @ Paradise Dynasty on 26Jul2017

xiaolongbao 小笼包 

had lunch with a friend at paradise dynasty westgate mall on 26.7.2017. ^^

i run with my RI buddy at ulu pandan joggin track at faber heights.

usually i stayed for 100plus and coffee chat at his place near there.

so it was quite convenient to go to paradise dynasty at westgate mall. 🙂

we were at this outlet previously on 25.7.2017 when we visited a friend’s mother who was hospitalised at ng teng fong hospital, and we walked over to westgate for lunch!

we ordered the normal xiaolongbao 小笼包. it was good, the standard of good dimsum restaurants. good soup inside, nice skin & tasty pork fillings. 🙂

chilled salad 凉拌 

the  凉拌 chilled salad was competent, nice tanhoon & spinach…

i don’t really need this appetiser though. for me the mala 麻辣夫妻肺片type or drunken chicken or pork trotter terrine type appetiser would be more compelling.

fish filet 

we ordered a fish fillet.

it was nicely done, steamed with ginger, carrots and cloud fungus…very good indeed!

tofu & mixed vegetables 

the mildly spicy tofu with vegetable dish was quite good too, quite matching the other food orders.

spicy dumplings 抄手 

we ordered the spicy dumplings 抄手 noodles.

spicy dumplings 抄手 

spicy dumplings 抄手 a dish i always liked.

this dish combined the nice spicy dumplings with the noodles…very good indeed. i enjoyed the noodles thoroughly.

after lunch we walked over to lady M cake shop and bought 2 slices – the natural & also the greentea millicrepe..

c.h.e.f andy



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