Good Teochew Muay @ Yelaixiang 夜来香 Teochew Porridge Bukit Merah View on 22Jul2017

yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge 

went with sis & bil to yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge for early lunch at kim san leng bukit merah view on 22.7.2017.

this was the spot vacated by the former 夜上海which had moved to lengkok bahru.

steamed red garoupa S$10 

i have never tried 夜来香. the display of food looked mighty similar to the former 夜上海.

we asked about the fish. garoupa was S$10 & mullet 乌鱼was S$12. my first reaction was expensive as 夜上海 used to sell at $8, and now S$9 at lengkok bahru.

“sis ordered a teochew chilled mullet 冻乌鱼 (S$9) and 6 vegetable dishes + one porridge for S$14.60” – from our recent visit to 夜上海.

anyhow my sis ordered 2 cheaper fish – a selar & a kee fish plus like 6 or 7 veg dishes for S$14.20. so quite ok, though perhaps still more ex a bit than 夜上海. but ok la..

aftewards sis went to add a red garoupa S$10. very fresh & sweet, quite ok also as a 350g-400g red garoupa would cost like S$6-S$7 at chinatown wet market.

yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge at kim san leng bukit merah view

yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge at kim san leng bukit merah view 

we were ther at 11.20am on a saturday.

there was no queue, crowd had not arrived.

later at 12pm there was a longer queue but not like 夜上海 where it was here previously.

c.h.e.f andy


夜来香 YelaixiangTeochew Porridge (夜来香潮洲糜)


#01-217, Boyang Coffee Shop, Blk 117 Bukit Merah View, 151116


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