New Taujeon Lime Sauce Steamed Fish @ 2pax Home Dinner with Sis on 21Aug2017

4 dishes 

sis stayed for dinner on 21.8.2017.

taujeon lime sauce red tilapia 

we cooked 4 dishes. i made the taujeon lime sauce red tilapia & steamed ikan selar.

& sis fried the 2 vegetables.

taujeon lime sauce red tilapia 

sis wanted to eat tilapia this evening so we bought one from sheng shiong…

tilapia a cheap fish, got muddy taste, flesh is sweet & smooth, so quite ideal for me to experiment my taujeon line sauce for my OPS friend dinner this wednesday…

this taujeon lime sauce is my own creation after trying the excellent steamed taujeon sharks cartilage at zai shun-

  • i pounded 3 tbsp taujeon, squeezed 1/2 a large lime, added 2 tbsp olive oil & 1 tbsp mirin, that’s it. for garnishing, i had 2cm sliced ginger, 1 stalk spring onions, 1 chili padi & 2 tsp chopped garlic. sauce not bad 👍

tilapia of course was no sharks cartilage. i don’t know yet where to get sharks cartilage, but this wednesday i am going to use song fish head 松鱼头 which has a lot of gelatinous parts to approx the sharks cartilage! 🙂

steamed ikan selar 

seldom eat ikan selar till recently at 夜来香teochew muay..quite enjoy it… 

so today at sheng shiong i bought 5 selar fish @ S$8.90/kg. i steamed the largest selar.

steamed ikan selar

it was very good taken with taujeon dip.

very sweet fish with firm meat..& quite cheap. i like it very much…

fried spinach

salted fish fried with celery 

sis cooked the 2 veg

her salted fish fried with celery shoots lagi best! 👍👍

c.h.e.f andy


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