Smell the Coffee with Daughter @ Tiong Hoe on 17Mar2018

fish ball noodles

eldest daughter (recently married) called to have lunch..

like my friend CCG said when children called to buy you things or to go makan together, always say YES!!! lol!^^

we decided to go tiong hoe for coffee (again! for me 😜) on 17.3.2018. 🙂

stopped by coffeeshop opposite (blk 169A stirling food court) & daughter took a fishball noodles from a wanton noodles stall. I did not eat..didn’t look edible but daughter liked the plain noodles 😎

tried a little of the noodles that daughter did not finish..turned out noodles & chilli quite tasty & daughter said fishballs were good…overall i guess ok passable nothing special about the noodles

after that we walked across to tiong hoe for coffee at blk 170 for nice cuppa 香浓咖啡!

c.h.e.f andy

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