Pong’s Katong Laksa Homecooked Chicken Laksa Lunch on 16Mar2018

chicken laksa

my RI bro CM bought 2 packts of pong’s katong laksa paste for me last week.

so we decided to have a 6pax RI bro chicken laksa lunch on 16.3.2018. ^^

chicken rice chicken白斩鸡

i made my usual chicken rice chicken白斩鸡. all my friends loved this & said the chicken was so tender, moist & tasty, even the chicken breast, and indeed it was….

pong’s katong laksa

i have never tried pong’s laksa before, and never used the paste before of course.

i read the instructions. it said it was good for 4-5pax (we had 6pax, i decided to just keep it at 1 packet), and to add 400ml (2packets) coconut milk & 100ml evaporated milk.

pong’s katong laksa

anyhow, my gazak results was immensely ok la…

i used intense chicken stock using the bones from the whole chicken which i made chicken rice chicken白斩鸡,

added taupok first & let it boiled to soften & infuse the laksa flavours for 1 hr. then i added coconut milk. 400ml is really a lot, so i decided to use 1.5packets or 300ml. and really that was more than enough, banyak lemak lagi…

pong’s katong laksa

lastly aded fish cake & teochew fish cake, just like ah heng curry chicken noodles at hong lim food centre.

laksa was very flavourful, and of course the chicken stock was very important, made the gravy so very, very tasty.

kk said didn’t t have such good laksa for so long..

i did not want to dilute the taste, so kept gravy at a small amount. still it was enough for 6 bowls.

& after that there were still ingredients & some gravy left, enough for another 3 bowls for CL, KK & CM. i had to add just a little water not to dilute too much.

pong’s katong laksa

i served the 6 bowls of laksa with the taupok, fish cake & teochew fish cake, for my bowl i added the chicken rice chicken白斩鸡 & took photo (top photo).

my friends topped their bowls themselves with chicken.

chicken rice chicken白斩鸡

chicken rice chicken白斩鸡

my chicken rice chicken白斩鸡 was excellent as mentioned, chicken as good as ah heng curry chicken noodles’ (though i am partial to curry chicken noodles & for me laksa can never match)

& better than most chicken rice chicken白斩鸡 places outside (many are smooth but quite tasteless like tian shui chicken rice, the one next to weiyi laksa!)

another great makan session with my RI bros. ^^

after lunch we went to tiong hoe for a good cuppa, my piccolo latter heaven 香浓咖啡!^^

c.h.e.f andy

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