Great S$5 Weiyi Laksa Mediocre Chicken Drumstick at Tanglin Halt Food Centre on 3Sep2017

S$5 weiyi laksa

greedy today

went sheng shiong tanglin halt to get something..

saw weiyi laksa open – this guy forever close, so queue 15mins for laksa on 3.9.2017.^^

S$5 weiyi laksa

weiyi laksa always good. 🙂

i always pick no.6 (chicken, taupok & cockles) & S$5 serving.

i like it because it is savoury, with meat sweetness combined with laksa gravy sweetness, and not just lemak coconut milk taste. 🙂

tian shui chicken rice

tian shui chicken rice

wanted to try the next stall tian shui chicken rice’s 白斩鸡……

wei yi laksa & tian shui 白斩鸡 chicken drumstick

it is smoother than mine but not as sweet…

in fact weiyi laksa chicken breast is sweeter even! lol! 🙂

S$3 白斩鸡 chicken drumstick

S$3 白斩鸡 chicken drumstick

maybe should have ordered roast chicken usually the roast flavour is better

chili was good..more garlic than mine…

c.h.e.f andy


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