The Best Tea-flavoured Roast Duck @ Xin Cuisine 新故乡on 6Sep2017

lobster noodles S$25

went with wife to Xin Cuisine 新故乡 for 2pax dinner this evening on 6.9.2017. ^^

still very good! and best got amex lovedining 50% discount for 2pax! 🙂

now tunglok restaurants no longer on amex lovedining discounts, very sian leh…withdrawal!

only fine dining restaurant is xin cuisine…just as well it is very good! 🙂

tea flavoured roast duck S$32

the tea flavoured roast duck here is among the best!

comparable with –

  1. four seasons london chinatown
  2. tunglok signature orchard parade’s roast london duck; and
  3. meng meng roast duck 阿明帝皇鸭 at sutera mall 

all are good by me. my own preference would be in the above order – four seasons tops, tunglok & xin cuisine follows, & then meng meng..

tea flavoured roast duck S$32

style-wise, four seasons a bit similar to meng meng becos of the excellent sauce, whereas tunglok & xin cuisine are hong kong restaurant style taken with mui jeong 梅酱 and with the duck natural juice.

tunglok use london duck (irish duck) which is smaller & fatty so very flavourful. xin cuisine is tea flavoured very nice too, 各有千秋!

lobster noodles S$25

we ordered one lobster yeemeen each. 🙂

lobster noodles S$25

lobster yee meen was good!

lobster great, and yee meen reasonably tasty, but really i can make yee meen a lot tastier, well infused with intense stock. 🙂

steamed 梅菜with娃娃菜 S$18

this steamed 梅菜with娃娃菜 one of the best dishes here!

the 梅菜flavours was so so good! 🙂

龟苓膏 S$8

龟苓膏 S$8

guay ling kor here very good, strong herbal flavours, got oomph!

dinner was S$69nett for 2pax after 50% discount, really shiok for the quality of food….

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM6:30–10:30PM

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